New at the library? Webinar for first-year students and new users of the library

Are you new to Leibniz Universität Hannover and still finding your way around? An important institution on campus is the TIB – Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology and University Library. Would you like to use the TIB for the first time and get brief information in advance?

As a first-year student or new user of the library, you can conveniently get to know our various sites and services in about 30 minutes in this online seminar – a so-called webinar.

In our webinar, you will receive important information and many tips on how to use the library: on online registration, on our workstations and study cubicles, on searching for textbooks, on accessing our electronic media, and much, much more.

Accessing the webinar is easy: you can sit back in front of your computer or mobile device from the comfort of any workstation and watch the webinar. A chat will give you the opportunity to connect with us at any time and ask your questions.

Zahl der Teilnehmer:innen: 
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30 Minutes
Wochentag Datum / Uhrzeit
Donnerstag 04.11.2021 11:00
Mittwoch 17.11.2021 12:00
Freitag 26.11.2021 11:00

To participate in the webinar, please click on the link to the webinar room shortly before the start and select the access "Enter as guest" there.

When starting via the link "Enter webinar room" you will be asked if you want to install Adobe Connect as an application. You should definitely choose this option to support the stable process. The alternative use in the web browser is fragile and requires pop-ups to be allowed


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