Revista mexicana de física

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Preparation, differential thermal analysis and crystal structure of the new quaternary compound CuVInSe~3
Marroquín, Gustavo / Delgado, Gerzon E. / Grima-Gallardo, Pedro et al. | 2018
Theoretical investigation EuTiO~3 in three structures; optical, electric and magnetic properties
Zaari, H. / Azahaf, C. / Lakouari, N. et al. | 2018
Electrical transport phenomena in nanostructured porous-silicon films
Vásquez, M. A. / Romero-Paredes, G. / Peña-Sierra, R. | 2018
Modulation of argon pressure as an option to control transmittance and resistivity of ZnO:Al films deposited by DC magnetron sputtering: on the dark yellow films at 10^−^7 Torr base pressures
García-Valenzuela, J. A. / Cabrera-German, D. / Cota-Leal, M. et al. | 2018
Casimir energy in a bounded Gross-Neveu model
Escalante, F. / Rojas, J. C. | 2018
Cosmological analysis of a Dvali-Gabadadze-Porrati stable model with H(z) observations
Bárcenas-Enríquez, G. / Escamilla-Rivera, C. / García-Aspeitia, M. A. | 2018
Mathematical modeling of DNA vibrational dynamics and its solitary wave solutions
Abazari, Reza / Jamshidzadeh, Shabnam / Wang, Gangwei | 2018
Electronic excitation of atoms by positron impact using the scaling born approach
Lino, Jorge L. S. | 2018
Peculiarities of some classical variational treatments using the maximum entropy principle
Plastino, A. / Rocca, M. C. | 2018
A study of thermodynamic properties of quadratic exponential-type potential in D-dimensions
Okorie, U. S. / Ikot, A. N. / Onyeaju, M. C. et al. | 2018
Tunable linear fiber laser cavity based on a twisted mechanical long period grating
Huerta-Mascotte, E. / Estudillo-Ayala, J. M. / Mata-Chávez, R. I. et al. | 2018
La turbulencia asociada con las velocidades orbitales de olas que aún no rompen
Olivares, A. O. Hernández / Torres, F. J. Ocampo | 2018
Magnetohydrodynamic Jeffrey nanoliquid flow with thermally radiative Newtonian heat and mass species
Shehzad, Sabir Ali | 2018
Modelling carbyne C~1~2-ring calcium decorated for hydrogen storage
Guzmán, L. A. Desales / Sánchez, J. H. Pacheco / García-Rosales, G. et al. | 2018
Nonlinear damping in energy harvesters driven by colored noise
Romero-Bastida, M. / Cholula-Ramirez, S. | 2018
A comparative analysis of the RC circuit with local and non-local fractional derivatives
Rosales, J. J. / Filoteo, J. D. / González, A. | 2018
Determination of the barrier height of Pt — Ir Schottky nano-contacts on Al-doped ZnO thin films by conductive Atomic Force Microscopy
J. Eduardo-River, L. / Muñoz-Aguirre, N. / Gutiérrez-Paredes, G. Juliana et al. | 2018
Local available quantum correlations for Bell diagonal states and Markovian decoherence
H. L. Albrecht, Q. / Mundarain, D. F. / M. I. Caicedo, S. | 2018