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    Strong-Field Electron Dynamics in Solids

    Ishikawa, Kenichi L. / Shinohara, Yasushi / Sato, Takeshi et al. | arXiv | 2020
    Solid-state materials have recently emerged as a new stage of strong-field physics and attosecond science. The mechanism of the electron ...

    Deep Learning for Feynman's Path Integral in Strong-Field Time-Dependent Dynamics

    Liu, Xiwang / Zhang, Guojun / Li, Jie et al. | arXiv | 2020
    -field physics and attosecond science. Instead of brute-force tracking every path one by one, here we propose deep-learning-performed strong ...

    Time Operator, Real Tunneling Time in Strong Field Interaction and the Attoclock

    Kullie, Ossama | DataCite | 2020
    Schlagwörter: attosecond physics

    Low-Energy Interference Structure with Attosecond Temporal Resolution

    Song, Xiaohong / Jia, Wenbin / Liu, Xiwang et al. | arXiv | 2020
    . A radial interference pattern at near-zero energy has been widely observed in experiments of strong-field photoionization. However, the ...

    Attosecond synchronization of extreme ultraviolet high harmonics from crystals

    Vampa, Giulio / Lu, Jian / You, Yong Sing et al. | arXiv | 2020
    The interaction of strong near-infrared (NIR) laser pulses with wide-bandgap dielectrics produces high harmonics in the extreme ultraviolet ...

    Giant isolated attosecond pulses from two-color laser plasma interactions

    Zhang, Y. X. / Rykovanov, S. / Shi, Mingyuan et al. | arXiv | 2020
    and emits a single, strong attosecond pulse with a peak intensity approaching that of the laser field. ...

    Coherent electronic-vibrational dynamics in deuterium bromide probed via attosecond transient absorption spectroscopy

    Kobayashi, Yuki / Chang, Kristina F. / Poullain, Sonia Marggi et al. | arXiv | 2020
    strong-field ionization. Electronic and vibrational coherences in the ionic X$^2\Pi_{3/2}$ and X$^2\Pi_{1/2}$ states are characterized in the Br ...

    Angular dependence of strong field sequential double ionization for neon and acetylene simulated with time-dependent configuration interaction using CIS and CISD-IP

    Lee, Mi Kyung / Li, Wen / Schlegel, H. Bernhard | American Institute of Physics | 2020

    Strong field ionization is fundamentally important for attosecond spectroscopy and coherence control. However, the modeling beyond the


    Laser-assisted photoionization of argon atoms: streaking, sideband and pulse train studying cases

    Della Picca, Renata / Ciappina, Marcelo F. / Lewenstein, Maciej et al. | arXiv | 2020
    the strong-field approximation (SFA), can be applied, however, to other atomic species and field configurations as well. ...

    Wannier quasi-classical approach to high harmonic generation in semiconductors

    Parks, Andrew M. / Ernotte, Guilmot / Thorpe, Adam et al. | arXiv | 2020
    control, transport theory, and strong field physics. ...

    Laser-induced Electron-Transfer in the Dissociative Multiple Ionization of Argon Dimers

    Wang, YanLan / Lai, XuanYang / Yu, ShaoGang et al. | arXiv | 2020
    emission curves of the $\text{Ar}^{+}+\text{Ar}^{2+}$ and $\text{Ar}^{2+}+\text{Ar}^{2+}$ fragmentation channels. Our work discloses a strong-field ...

    Delay time and Non-Adiabatic Calibration of the Attoclock

    Kullie, Ossama | arXiv | 2020
    presented in previous work, explains the non-adiabatic effects (photon absorption) in the interaction of atoms with strong field as well. Again, as ...

    Attosecond stereo time discernible dynamics for strong-field ionization of HeH$^+$

    Wang, S. / Che, J. Y. / Chen, C. et al. | arXiv | 2019
    real time. We show that this asymmetric structure arises from attosecond stereo time dynamics of polar molecules in strong laser fields, where ...

    Saddle point approaches in strong field physics and generation of attosecond pulses

    Nayak, Arjun / Dumergue, Mathieu / Kühn, Sergei et al. | Elsevier | 2019
    Abstract Attoscience is the emerging field that accesses the fastest ...
    Schlagwörter: Strong field phenomena, Attosecond physics

    Spatiotemporal Coupling of Attosecond Pulses

    Arnold, Cord L. / Wikmark, Hampus / Guo, Chen et al. | IEEE | 2019
    Attosecond pulses in the extreme ultraviolet (XUV) spectral range are today routinely generated via high-order harmonic generation (HHG ...

    Trajectory-based analyses of ultrafast strong field phenomena

    Ortmann, Lisa | BASE | 2019
    Semiclassical theories have proven to be a versatile tool in ultrafast strong field science. In this thesis, the power of classical ...
    Schlagwörter: Field research

    Strong-field nonlinear optical properties of monolayer black phosphorus

    Chen, Zi-Yu / Qin, Rui | Royal Society of Chemistry | 2019
    carriers under strong-field excitation have yet to be revealed. Herein, we report nonperturbative high harmonic generation (HHG) in monolayer BP by ...

    Strong-field nonlinear optical properties of monolayer black phosphorus

    Chen, Zi-Yu / Qin, Rui | arXiv | 2019
    promising future in applications of extreme-ultraviolet and attosecond nanophotonics, and also opening doors to investigate the strong-field and ...

    Sub-femtosecond tracing of molecular dynamics during strong-field interaction

    Hanus, Václav / Kangaparambil, Sarayoo / Larimian, Seyedreza et al. | arXiv | 2019
    directly observe the nuclear wavepacket evolving on the \ssg{} state of H$_2^+$ during its first roundtrip with attosecond temporal and picometer ...

    Perspective on petahertz electronics and attosecond nanoscopy

    Schoetz, J. / Wang, Z. / Pisanty, E. et al. | arXiv | 2019
    electron and near-field dynamics on the nanoscale. Attosecond nanophysics not only addresses questions of strong fundamental interest in strong ...

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