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    Diffusion of Cu adatoms and dimers on Cu(111) and Ag(111) surfaces

    Mińkowski, Marcin / Załuska-Kotur, Magdalena A. | Elsevier | 2015
    Schlagwörter: Surface diffusion, Cluster diffusion

    Tract‐specific analyses of diffusion tensor imaging show widespread white matter compromise in autism spectrum disorder

    Shukla, Dinesh K. / Keehn, Brandon / Müller, Ralph‐Axel | Wiley | 2010
    Schlagwörter: Diffusion tensor imaging, mean diffusion, axial diffusion, radial diffusion

    A peptide hormone required for Casparian strip diffusion barrier formation in Arabidopsis roots

    Nakayama, Takuya / Shinohara, Hidefumi / Tanaka, Mina et al. | CEABA® | 2017
    Schlagwörter: DIFFUSION, DIFFUSION-BARRIERS, Diffusion, laterale Diffusion

    A non-equilibrium thermodynamics model for combined adsorption and diffusion processes in micro- and nanopores

    Santamaría-Holek, Ivan / Grzywna, Zbigniew J. / Miguel Rubi, J. | DeGruyter | 2012
    Schlagwörter: diffusion, micropore diffusion, pore diffusion

    Does Policy Diffusion Need Space? Spatializing the Dynamics of Policy Diffusion

    Mitchell, Joshua L. | Wiley | 2017
    Schlagwörter: spatial diffusion, policy diffusion, diffusion properties, local policy diffusion

    Relationship between the diffusion time and the diffusion MRI signal observed at 17.2 tesla in the healthy rat brain cortex

    Pyatigorskaya, Nadya / Le Bihan, Denis / Reynaud, Olivier et al. | Wiley | 2013
    Schlagwörter: diffusion MRI, diffusion time, diffusion model

    Molecular simulation of CO2/CH4 self- and transport diffusion coefficients in coal

    Zhao, Yongliang / Feng, Yanhui / Zhang, Xinxin | Elsevier | 2015
    Schlagwörter: Transport diffusion coefficient, Self-diffusion coefficient, Diffusion activation energy

    An investigation of anomalous time-fractional diffusion of isopropyl alcohol in mesoporous silica

    Zhokh, A.A. / Trypolskyi, A.I. / Strizhak, P.E. | Elsevier | 2016
    Schlagwörter: Diffusion, Time-fractional diffusion, Anomalous diffusion

    Adsorption of food dyes acid blue 9 and food yellow 3 onto chitosan: Stirring rate effect in kinetics and mechanism

    Dotto, G.L. / Pinto, L.A.A. | Elsevier | 2011
    Schlagwörter: Intraparticle diffusion, Film diffusion

    Parsing anomalous versus normal diffusive behavior of bedload sediment particles

    Fathel, Siobhan / Furbish, David / Schmeeckle, Mark | Wiley | 2016
    Schlagwörter: anomalous diffusion, inhomogeneous diffusion, Brownian diffusion

    Selection of influential spreaders in complex networks using Pareto Shell decomposition

    Yeruva, Sujatha / Devi, T. / Reddy, Y.Samtha | TEMA | 2016
    Schlagwörter: Diffusion, information diffusion

    Anisotropic diffusion for image denoising based on diffusion tensors

    Liu, Feng / Liu, Jingbo | Elsevier | 2012
    Schlagwörter: Anisotropic diffusion, Nonlinear diffusion, Diffusion tensor, Diffusion filter, Diffusion direction, Diffusion amount

    Oscillating gradient spin‐echo (OGSE) diffusion tensor imaging of the human brain

    Baron, Corey A. / Beaulieu, Christian | Wiley | 2013
    Schlagwörter: diffusion time, diffusion

    Sodium diffusion in boroaluminosilicate glasses

    Smedskjaer, Morten M. / Zheng, Qiuju / Mauro, John C. et al. | Elsevier | 2011
    Schlagwörter: Sodium diffusion, Tracer diffusion, Inward diffusion

    A model for extra‐axonal diffusion spectra with frequency‐dependent restriction

    Lam, Wilfred W. / Jbabdi, Saâd / Miller, Karla L. | Wiley | 2014
    Schlagwörter: diffusion MRI, diffusion spectrum, restricted diffusion, hindered diffusion

    The tensor distribution function

    Leow, A. D. / Zhu, S. / Zhan, L. et al. | Wiley | 2009
    Schlagwörter: diffusion MRI, diffusion tensor imaging, high angular resolution diffusion imaging

    Spatial mapping of translational diffusion coefficients using diffusion tensor imaging: A mathematical description

    Shetty, Anil N. / Chiang, Sharon / Maletic‐Savatic, Mirjana et al. | Wiley | 2014
    Schlagwörter: diffusion, diffusion anisotropy, diffusion tensor

    SU‐E‐T‐353: Effects of Time and Temperature On a Potential Reusable 3D Dosimeter

    Juang, T / Miles, D / Crockett, E et al. | Wiley | 2015
    Schlagwörter: Diffusion, Atmospheric diffusion

    Transient superdiffusion in random walks with a q-exponentially decaying memory profile

    Moura, Thiago R.S. / Viswanathan, G.M. / da Silva, M.A.A. et al. | TEMA | 2016
    Schlagwörter: Diffusion, anomalous diffusion

    Diffusion weighted imaging in cystic fibrosis disease: beyond morphological imaging

    Ciet, Pierluigi / Serra, Goffredo / Andrinopoulou, Eleni Rosalina et al. | TEMA | 2016
    Schlagwörter: Diffusion, begrenzte Diffusion

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