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    Optical Fiber Tweezers: A Versatile Tool for Optical Trapping and Manipulation

    Xiaoting Zhao / Nan Zhao / Yang Shi et al. | DOAJ | 2020
    , optical fiber tweezers have attracted significant attention in the field of optical trapping due to their flexible manipulation, compact structure ...
    Schlagwörter: optical fiber tweezers, optical trapping and manipulation, optical force

    Probing the optical chiral response of single nanoparticles with optical tweezers

    Ali, R. / Pinheiro, F. A. / Dutra, R. S. et al. | arXiv | 2020
    We propose an enantioselective scheme to sort homogeneous chiral particles using optical tweezers. For a certain range of material ...

    Off-axis optical tweezers by an optical analog of the Magnus effect

    Spreeuw, Robert J. C. | arXiv | 2020
    momentum of the dipole and the light. In optical tweezers the force causes off-axis displacement of the trapping position of an atom by a spin ...

    The optical tweezer of ferroelectric skyrmions

    Wang, X. -G. / Chotorlishvili, L. / Dugaev, V. K. et al. | arXiv | 2020
    field. In this work we propose the model of optical tweezer -- a particular configuration of an external electric field and Gaussian laser beam ...

    Enhanced optical trapping

    Butaite, Une G. / Gibson, Graham M. / Ho, Ying-Lung D. et al. | SPIE | 2020
    Optical tweezers have contributed substantially to the advancement of micro-manipulation. However, they do have restrictions, mainly the ...

    Miniaturized Metalens Based Optical Tweezers on Liquid Crystal Droplets for Lab-on-a-Chip Optical Motors

    Suwannasopon, Satayu / Meyer, Fabian / Schlickriede, Christian et al. | arXiv | 2020
    robust metalens based optical tweezers system capable of rotating liquid crystals droplets to imitate an optical motor for future lab-on-a-chip ...

    Optical tweezers for micro- and nano-assembly

    Melzer, Jeffrey E. / McLeod, Euan | SPIE | 2020
    Optical tweezers are a powerful platform for nano- and micro-assembly, as they provide a non-contact and biologically friendly method for ...

    Near‐Field Optical Tweezers for Chemistry and Biology

    Hu, Sheng / Liao, Zi-wei / Cai, Lu et al. | Wiley | 2020

    Near‐field optical tweezer techniques have been essential for the development for manipulation and identification of micro‐ and

    Schlagwörter: optical tweezers, optical waveguides

    Single atom movement with dynamic holographic optical tweezers

    Samoylenko, Sergey / Lisitsin, Alexey / Schepanovich, Danilo et al. | arXiv | 2020
    We report an experimental implementation of dynamical holographic tweezers for single trapped atoms. The tweezers are realized with ...

    Near‐Field Optical Tweezers for Chemistry and Biology

    Hu, Sheng / Liao, Zi-wei / Cai, Lu et al. | Wiley | 2020

    Optical combs and optical vortices combined for spatiotemporal manipulation of light and matter

    Asahara, Akifumi / Shoji, Satoru / Minoshima, Kaoru | arXiv | 2020
    lattice as an optical tweezer light. Here, we present a new applicability of the optical comb by utilizing its characteristics far beyond the ...

    Optical levitation using broadband light

    Rahman, A. T. M. Anishur / Barker, P. F. | arXiv | 2020
    We demonstrate a novel and simple method for the creation of non-linear optical tweezer potentials using the chromatic aberration of a lens ...

    Optical Tweezers: A Comprehensive Tutorial from Calibration to Applications

    Gieseler, Jan / Gomez-Solano, Juan Ruben / Magazzù, Alessandro et al. | arXiv | 2020
    Since their invention in 1986 by Arthur Ashkin and colleagues, optical tweezers have become an essential tool in several fields of physics ...

    Enantioselective manipulation of single chiral nanoparticles using optical tweezers

    Ali, Rfaqat / Pinheiro, Felipe A. / Dutra, Rafael S. et al. | Royal Society of Chemistry | 2020
    We put forward an enantioselective method for chiral nanoparticles using optical tweezers. We demonstrate that the optical trapping force ...

    Realization of vortex pair and its application in optical tweezers

    Man, Zhongsheng / Zhang, Shuoshuo / Fu1, Shenggui | arXiv | 2020
    optical tweezers. ...

    Polyprotein: a new standard sample to home-built optical tweezers

    Li, Shuai / Hu, Chunguang / Ma, Yanhua et al. | SPIE | 2020
    Optical tweezers is one of the commonly used technologies to research on protein force spectroscopy. However, whether optical tweezers ...

    Optical tweezers approaches for probing multiscale protein mechanics and assembly

    Lehmann, Kathrin / Shayegan, Marjan / Blab, Gerhard A. et al. | arXiv | 2020
    of cells. Optical tweezers is a technique well suited to investigate the mechanics and dynamics of these structures at a variety of size ...

    Forming a single molecule by magnetoassociation in an optical tweezer

    Zhang, Jessie T. / Yu, Yichao / Cairncross, William B. et al. | arXiv | 2020
    We demonstrate the formation of a single NaCs molecule in an optical tweezer by magnetoassociation through an s-wave Feshbach resonance at ...

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