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    Perfectoid Spaces

    Scholze, Peter | Springer Verlag | 2012


    We introduce a certain class of so-called perfectoid rings and spaces, which give a natural ...

    Le lemme d’Abhyankar perfectoide

    André, Yves | Springer Verlag | 2017
    perfectoïde du lemme d’Abhyankar du théorème de presque-pureté, par un passage à la limite mettant en jeu des versions perfectoïdes du théorème ...

    Integral perfectoid big Cohen–Macaulay algebras via André’s theorem

    Shimomoto, Kazuma | Springer Verlag | 2018
    characteristic maps to an integral perfectoid big Cohen–Macaulay algebra. The proof of this result is based on the construction of almost Cohen–Macaulay ...

    Perfectoid multiplier/test ideals in regular rings and bounds on symbolic powers

    Ma, Linquan / Schwede, Karl | Springer Verlag | 2018


    Using perfectoid algebras we introduce a mixed characteristic analog of the multiplier ideal ...

    Singularities in mixed characteristic via Perfectoid big Cohen-Macaulay algebras

    Freier Zugriff
    Ma, Linquan / Schwede, Karl | arXiv | 2018
    We utilize recent results of Andr\'e and Gabber on the existence of weakly functorial integral perfectoid big Cohen-Macaulay (BCM) algebras ...

    Cohomology of Line Bundles of Rational Degree over Perfectoid Spaces

    Freier Zugriff
    Bedi, Harpreet | arXiv | 2017
    Line bundles of rational degree are defined using Perfectoid spaces, and their cohomology computed via standard \v{C}ech complex. ...

    Overconvergent Modular Forms and Perfectoid Shimura Curves

    Chojecki / Hansen / Johansson | DataCite | 2017

    Perfectoid Shimura Varieties of Abelian Type

    Shen, X. | British Library Online Contents | 2017

    Perfectoid Shimura Varieties of Abelian Type

    Shen, Xu | Online Contents | 2016

    Perfectoid Shimura varieties

    Scholze, Peter | Online Contents | 2016
    are perfectoid, and admit a new kind of period map, called the Hodge–Tate period map, towards the flag variety. Moreover, the (semisimple ...
    Schlagwörter: perfectoid spaces

    Affinoids in the Lubin-Tate perfectoid space and special cases of the local Langlands correspondence in positive characteristic

    Freier Zugriff
    Tokimoto, Kazuki | arXiv | 2016
    Following Weinstein, Boyarchenko-Weinstein and Imai-Tsushima, we construct a family of affinoids in the Lubin-Tate perfectoid space and ...

    Le lemme d'Abhyankar perfectoide

    Freier Zugriff
    Andre, Yves | arXiv | 2016
    We extend Faltings's "almost purity theorem" on finite etale extensions of perfectoid algebras (as generalized by Scholze and Kedlaya-Liu ...

    Perfectoid Shimura varieties

    Scholze, P. | British Library Online Contents | 2016

    Overconvergent modular forms and perfectoid Shimura curves

    Freier Zugriff
    Chojecki, Przemyslaw / Hansen, David / Johansson, Christian | arXiv | 2015

    Perfectoid Shimura varieties of abelian type

    Freier Zugriff
    Shen, Xu | arXiv | 2015
    We prove that Shimura varieties of abelian type with infinite level at $p$ are perfectoid. As a corollary, the moduli spaces of polarized ...

    Perfectoid Shimura varieties

    Scholze, Peter | Springer Verlag | 2015
    theory of Shimura varieties with infinite level at p: As p-adic analytic spaces, they are perfectoid ...
    Schlagwörter: perfectoid spaces

    Ramification theory and perfectoid spaces

    Hattori, Shin | Online Contents | 2014

    Perfectoid spaces and the weight-monodromy conjecture, after Peter Scholze

    Saito, Takeshi | Springer Verlag | 2014
    new powerful tool in rigid geometry called perfectoid spaces. The main arguments of the proof as well as basic ingredients in the theory of ...
    Schlagwörter: Perfectoid spaces

    Affinoids in the Lubin-Tate perfectoid space and simple supercuspidal representations I: tame case

    Freier Zugriff
    Imai, Naoki / Tsushima, Takahiro | arXiv | 2013
    We construct a family of affinoids in the Lubin-Tate perfectoid space and their formal models such that the middle cohomology of the ...

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