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Verwendete Synonyme:

  • nulldimensionales quantenwell
  • quantenbox
  • quantendot
  • quantum box
  • quantum dot
  • quantum dots
  • quantum point

    Integrated quantum dot optomechanics

    Vogele, Anja / Sonner, Maximilian M. / Mayer, Benjamin et al. | SPIE | 2020
    Semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) combine high optical activity and the possibility of integration in a myriad of devices. Here, we ...

    PbS quantum dot solids and quantum dot size gradient layers for photovoltaics

    Zvaigzne, M. / Aleksandrov, A. / Goltyapin, Y. et al. | SPIE | 2018
    Quantum dot (QD) solids are promising materials for the development of optoelectronic devices, in particular solar cells. The efficiency of ...

    Submonolayer quantum-dot lasers

    Lingnau, Benjamin / Lüdge, Kathy / Owschimikow, Nina | SPIE | 2017
    Active media based on submonolayer (SML) quantum-dots are a novel gain material that potentially combines the high gain of semiconductor ...

    Nanoscale quantum-dot supercrystals

    Baimuratov, Anvar S. / Turkov, Vadim K. / Rukhlenko, Ivan D. et al. | SPIE | 2013
    quantum-dot supercrystals. We derive analytical expressions for the energy spectra of twodimensional supercrystals with different Bravias lattices ...

    Optically active quantum dots

    Gerard, Valerie / Govan, Joseph / Loudon, Alexander et al. | SPIE | 2015
    The main goal of our research is to develop new types of technologically important optically active quantum dot (QD) based materials, study ...

    Plasmonic quantum dot solar concentrator

    Chandra, S. / Ahmed, H. / Doran, J. et al. | SPIE | 2017
    The quantum dot solar concentrator optical efficiency is undermined by the parameters of re-absorption, scattering, and escape cone losses ...

    Colloidal quantum dot photovoltaics

    Thon, Susanna M. / Sargent, Edward H. | SPIE | 2011
    Colloidal quantum dot solar cells offer the possibility of combining low-cost, low-temperature solution-processing with efficient photon ...

    Chiral quantum dot based materials

    Govan, Joseph / Loudon, Alexander / Baranov, Alexander V. et al. | SPIE | 2014
    Recently, the use of stereospecific chiral stabilising molecules has also opened another avenue of interest in the area of quantum dot (QD ...

    New quantum dot sensors

    Gun'ko, Y. K. / Moloney, M. M. / Gallagher, S. et al. | SPIE | 2010
    Quantum dots (QDs) are fluorescent semiconductor (e.g. II-VI) nanocrystals, which have a strong characteristic spectral emission. This ...

    Modeling of pyramidal shape quantum dot infrared photodetector: the effects of temperature and quantum dot size

    Fazlalipour, Hossein / Asgari, Asghar / Darvish, Ghaffar | SPIE | 2018
    Quantum dot base infrared detectors have many advantages such as lower dark current, higher operating temperature, higher photoconductive ...

    PbS quantum dot-graphene hybrid phototransistor

    Che, Yongli / Zhang, Yating / Cao, Xiaolong et al. | SPIE | 2017
    Ultrasensitive near-infrared phototransistors based on Lead sulfide (PbS) quantum dots (QDs)-graphene hybrid channel are fabricated by ...

    Synthesis and applications of quantum dots and magnetic quantum dots

    Ying, Jackie Y. / Zheng, Yuangang / Selvan, S. Tamil | SPIE | 2008
    We have developed a new synthetic method for producing high-quality quantum dots (QDs) in aqueous solution for biological imaging ...

    Quantum dot based 3D photonic devices

    Sakellari, Ioanna / Kabouraki, Elmina / Gray, David et al. | SPIE | 2017
    -inorganic silicon-zirconium (Si-Zr) composite and cadmium sulfide (CdS) quantum dots (QDs). The structures are fabricated by combining 3D Direct ...

    Quantum dot micropillar lasers

    Reitzenstein, S. / Kistner, C. / Münch, S. et al. | SPIE | 2009
    We report on laser emission from high quality quantum dot micropillar cavities. In these structures cavity quantum electrodynamics (cQED ...

    Plastic scintillator enhancement through Quantum Dot

    Tam, Alan / Boyraz, Ozdal / Nilsson, Mikael | SPIE | 2017
    polymer matrix for beta and gamma radiation. Energy transfer was observed between Quantum Dots, scintillating dye, and the host polymer. Different ...

    Plasmonically enhanced photobrightening using quantum dots

    Magee, Meredith / French, David / Furr, Miles et al. | SPIE | 2020
    This study explores optical characteristics in quantum dots. CdSe quantum dots samples have been prepared and an optical photoluminescence ...

    Quantum dot composite light sources

    Grund, David W. / Olbricht, Benjamin C. / Prather, Dennis W. | SPIE | 2011
    important steps towards easy integration of a light source on silicon. Quantum dot composites are formed by incorporating quantum dots in a host ...

    Dihydrolipoic acid coated alloyed quantum dots

    Drozd, Daniil D. / Pidenko, Pavel S. / Presnyakov, Kirill Yu. et al. | SPIE | 2020
    Alloyed quantum dots (QDs) are the popular material for the fabrication of the light-emitting diodes because of their optical parameters ...

    Nonlinear spectroscopy in perovskite quantum dots

    Nagamine, Gabriel / Bonato, Luiz Gustavo / Castañeda, Juan A. et al. | SPIE | 2018
    Since the first reports of their successful synthesis in 2015, all-inorganic perovskite quantum dots (PQDs), emerged as promising material ...

    Colloidal quantum dot photodetectors (Presentation Recording)

    Adinolfi, Valerio / Sargent, Edward H. | SPIE | 2015
    Colloidal quantum dots (CQDs) are emerging solution processed materials combining low cost, easy deposition on large and flexible ...

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