Polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) levels in the blood of pure vegetarians (vegans) (Englisch)



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Atmospheric tail-pipe emissions from motorcycles in Tehran, Iran
Halek, F. / Keyanpour-Rad, M. / Mirmohammadi, M. / Abbaspour-Sani, K. / Kavousi, A. | 2006
Contents of heavy metals in marine algae from Egyptian Red Sea coast
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Photochemical oxidation of chlorinated phenols in comparison with electro-oxidation
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Effect of transition metal ions on photocatalytic activity of ZnO in bleaching of some dyes
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Heavy metals in mussels and associated sediments from the coastal sites along the Pearl River Delta, South China
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Study on increase in toxicity of Schiff bases on microorganism on chelation with metal
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Amberlite XAD-7 impregnated with morpholine dithiocarbamate as trace metal extractant
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Using natural zeolite for the improvement of soil salinity and crop yield
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Removal of selenite using �waste� Fe(III)/Cr(III) hydroxide: Adsorption kinetics and isotherms
Namasivayam, C. / Prathap, K. | 2006
Deleterious effects of seminal plasma from smokers on spermatozoa from non-smokers
Arabi, M. | 2006
Polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) levels in the blood of pure vegetarians (vegans)
Schecter, A. / Harris, T. R. / Papke, O. / Tung, K. C. / Musumba, A. | 2006
Thymic involution produced by diesel exhaust particles and their constituents in mice
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Fish as an indicator of aquatic environment: Multielemental neutron activation analysis of nutrient and pollutant elements in fish from Indian coastal areas
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Role of the vitamin E model compound Trolox in the prevention of Cr(VI)-induced cellular damage
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Analysis of the cyanotoxins anatoxin-a and microcystins in Lesser Flamingo feathers
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