Adoption patterns and constraints pertaining to small-scale water lifting technologies in Ghana (Englisch)



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A modeling approach to evaluating the impacts of policy-induced land management practices on non-point source pollution: A case study of the Liuxi River watershed, China
Jiang, Jingyuan / Li, Shiyu / Hu, Jiatang / Huang, Jia | 2013
Simulation of the redistribution and fate of contaminants from soil-injected animal slurry
Amin, M.G. Mostofa / Šimůnek, Jirka / Lægdsmand, Mette | 2013
Substrate water status and evapotranspiration irrigation scheduling in heterogenous container nursery crops
Incrocci, Luca / Marzialetti, Paolo / Incrocci, Giorgio / Di Vita, Andrea / Balendonck, Jos / Bibbiani, Carlo / Spagnol, Serafino / Pardossi, Alberto | 2013
Assessment of secondary soil salinity prevention and economic benefit under different drip line placement and irrigation regime in northwest China
Wang, Ruoshui / Wan, Shuqin / Kang, Yaohu / Dou, Chaoyin | 2013
Effects of water replacement levels and nitrogen fertilization on growth and production of gladiolus in a greenhouse
Porto, Rebeca de Andrade / Koetz, Marcio / Bonfim-Silva, Edna Maria / Polizel, Analy Castilho / Silva, Tonny José Araújo da | 2013
Effects of the shallow water table on water use of winter wheat and ecosystem health: Implications for unlocking the potential of groundwater in the Fergana Valley (Central Asia)
Karimov, Akmal Kh. / Šimůnek, Jirka / Hanjra, Munir A. / Avliyakulov, Mirzaolim / Forkutsa, Irina | 2013
Does output market development affect irrigation water institutions? Insights from a case study in northern China
Zhang, Lei / Zhu, Xueqin / Heerink, Nico / Shi, Xiaoping | 2013
Effectiveness of low-grade weirs for nutrient removal in an agricultural landscape in the Lower Mississippi Alluvial Valley
Littlejohn, K.A. / Poganski, B.H. / Kröger, R. / Ramirez-Avila, J.J. | 2013
Effect of ridge–furrow and plastic-mulching planting patterns on yield formation and water movement of potato in a semi-arid area
Qin, Shuhao / Zhang, Junlian / Dai, Hailin / Wang, Di / Li, Deming | 2013
Analysis of sprinkler irrigation management in the LASESA district, Monegros (Spain)
Andrés, R. / Cuchí, J.A. | 2013
Increased root zone oxygen by a capillary barrier is beneficial to bell pepper irrigated with brackish water in an arid region
Ityel, Eviatar / Ben-Gal, Alon / Silberbush, Moshe / Lazarovitch, Naftali | 2013
Studies on soil water and salt balances and scenarios simulation using SaltMod in a coastal reclaimed farming area of eastern China
Yao, Rong-jiang / Yang, Jing-song / Zhang, Tong-juan / Hong, Li-zhou / Wang, Mao-wen / Yu, Shi-peng / Wang, Xiang-ping | 2013
Field evaluation and performance of capacitance probes for automated drip irrigation of watermelons
Miller, G.A. / Farahani, H.J. / Hassell, R.L. / Khalilian, A. / Adelberg, J.W. / Wells, C.E. | 2013
An innovative remote sensing based reference evapotranspiration method to support irrigation water management under semi-arid conditions
Cruz-Blanco, M. / Lorite, I.J. / Santos, C. | 2013
Water balance in artificial on-farm agricultural water reservoirs for the irrigation of intensive greenhouse crops
Carvajal, F. / Agüera, F. / Sánchez-Hermosilla, J. | 2013
Estimating the contribution of in-stream cattle faeces deposits to nutrient loading in an English Chalk stream
Bond, Trevor / Sear, David / Sykes, Tim | 2013
Investing in small, private irrigation to increase production and enhance livelihoods
Wichelns, Dennis | 2013
Small private irrigation: A thriving but overlooked sector
de Fraiture, Charlotte / Giordano, Meredith | 2013
Small private irrigation: Enhancing benefits and managing trade-offs
Giordano, Meredith / de Fraiture, Charlotte | 2013
Estimating the potential for expanding smallholder irrigation in Sub-Saharan Africa
Xie, Hua / You, Liangzhi / Wielgosz, Benjamin / Ringler, Claudia | 2013
Adoption patterns and constraints pertaining to small-scale water lifting technologies in Ghana
Namara, Regassa E. / Hope, Lesley / Sarpong, Eric Owusu / De Fraiture, Charlotte / Owusu, Diana | 2013
Examining farm-level perceptions, costs, and benefits of small water harvesting structures in Dewas, Madhya Pradesh
Malik, R.P.S. / Giordano, Meredith / Sharma, Vivek | 2013
Pirates or pioneers? Unplanned irrigation around small reservoirs in Burkina Faso
de Fraiture, Charlotte / Kouali, Gael Ndanga / Sally, Hilmy / Kabre, Priva | 2013
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