Investigation of the MHD wave dynamics in thermally unstable plasma (Englisch)

In: Magnetohydrodynamics   ;  52 ,  1/2  ;  191-198  ;  2016
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Inhaltsverzeichnis – Band 52, Ausgabe 1/2

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A generalization of the Arnol'd inequality in MHD
Akhmet ev, P. M. / Kudryavtseva, E. A. / Smirnov, A. Yu. | 2016
MHD dynamo in a Dean-like flow inside a torus
Chupin, A. | 2016
The electrovortex centrifugal pump
Denisov, S. / Dolgikh, V. / Khripchenko, S. / Kolesnichenko, I. | 2016
Temperature dependence of initial magnetic susceptibility of polydisperse ferrofluids: A critical comparison between experiment and theory
Goldina, O. A. / Lebedev, A. V. / Ivanov, A. O. / Elfimova, E. A. | 2016
Combined Fokker-Planck-Brown and Yvon approach for describing the dynamic magnetic response of interacting ferroparticles in magnetic fluids
Ivanov, A. O. / Zverev, V. S. | 2016
A combined liquid sodium flow measurement system
Khalilov, R. / Kolesnichenko, I. / Mamykin, A. / Pavlinov, A. | 2016
Effect of rotating magnetic field on mass transfer during directional solidification of semiconductors
Khlybov, O. A. / Lyubimova, T. P. | 2016
Experimental study of incorporation of reinforcing boron nitride particles into aliminum melt by MHD stirring at directional solodification
Adamov, A. / Denisov, S. / Dolgikh, V. / Khripchenko, S. / Kolesnichenko, I. | 2016
Formation of vortex structures at the electric arc interaction with gas flow in an external magnetic field
Klementyeva, I. B. | 2016
ICMM's two-loop liquid sodium facility
Kolesnichenko, I. / Khalilov, R. / Shestakov, A. / Frick, P. | 2016
Pulse gas injection into the separation zone of hypersonic MHD flow over a rotation body
Gubanov, E. / Likhachev, A. / Medin, S. | 2016
Exact analytical solution based on the vector potential technique for a conjugated hydrodynamic and joule heating problem in an electromagnetically levitated drop
Lomaev, S. / Krivilyov, M. / Fransaer, J. | 2016
Wavefronts of the magnetic field in galaxies: asymptotic and numerical approaches
Mikhailov, E. A. | 2016
On the spin-down of rotating MHD flow in an annular gap
Mikhailovich, B. / Shapiro, A. / Stepanov, R. | 2016
Numerical investigation of electromagnetic effects and averaged metal melt flows generated by high frequency alternating magnetic field
Nikulin, I. L. / Perminov, A. V. | 2016
Magnetic helicity in non-axisymmetric mean-field dynamo
Pipin, V. V. | 2016
Hydrodynamics and heat transfer for downward liquid metal flow in a rectangular channel in the presence of a coplanar magnetic field
Pyatnitskaya, N. Yu. / Sviridov, E. V. / Razuvanov, N. G. | 2016
A method for modelling MHD flows in ducts
Proskurin, A. / Sagalakov, A. | 2016
Experimental study of liquid metal heat transfer in a vertical heated channel affected by a coplanar magnetic field
Razuvanov, N. G. / Sviridov, V. G. / Sviridov, E. V. / Belyaev, I. A. / Pyatnitskaya, N. Yu. / Zagorsky, V. S. | 2016
Parker's model in geodynamo
Reshetnyak, M. | 2016
Investigation of the MHD wave dynamics in thermally unstable plasma
Molevich, N. E. / Zavershinskiy, D. I. / Ryashchikov, D. S. | 2016
Influence of thermal conduction on MHD waves properties in thermally unstable plasma
Molevich, N. E. / Ryashchikov, D. S. / Zavershinskiy, D. I. | 2016
MHD modelling of processes in near-Earth space plasma
Sedykh, P. A. / Ponomarev, E. A. | 2016
The influence of an oblique magnetic field on convection in a vertical layer of magnetic fluid
Sidorov, A. S. | 2016
Baryogenesis and hypermagnetic helicity in the Early Universe
Semikoz, V. B. / Smirnov, A. Yu. / Sokoloff, D. D. | 2016
Simulations of oscillatory electroconvection in a horizontal capacitor with a large aspect ratio
Smorodin, B. L. / Taraut, A. V. | 2016
Natural dynamos in the light of observations and dynamo experiments
Sokoloff, D. D. | 2016
Inverse cascade in simulated MHD turbulence driven by small scale source of magnetic helicity
Stepanov, R. / Titov, V. | 2016
Weak field magnetic susceptibility of ferrofluid emultions: the influence of droplet polydispersity
Subbotin, I. M. / Ivanov, A. O. | 2016
Investigation of self-oscillations in electrovortex flow of liquid metal
Ivochkin, Yu. P. / Teplyakov, I. O. / Vinogradov, D. A. | 2016
Model of Geodynamo driven by six-jet convection in the Earth's core
Vodinchar, G. M. / Feshchenko, L. K. | 2016
Modelling of electrovortex flows and heat/mass transfer in the dc arc furnace bath
Yachikov, I. M. | 2016