Not clearly defined, not reliably measured, and not replicable: Revisiting the definition and measurement of human mate poaching (Englisch)

In: Personality and individual differences   ;  145 ;  103-105  ;  2019
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The dark triad, trait-based self-objectification, and body image concerns in young women
Dryden, Charlotte / Anderson, Joel | 2019
Using Tinder® to start a fire: Predicting antisocial use of Tinder® with gender and the Dark Tetrad
Duncan, Zoe / March, Evita | 2019
Generalized ingroup-stereotyping as a response to perceived individual failure
Roets, Arne / Bostyn, Dries / De keersmaecker, Jonas / Van Assche, Jasper / Van Hiel, Alain | 2019
Investigating the effect of childhood socioeconomic background on interpersonal trust: Lower childhood socioeconomic status predicts lower levels of trust
Stamos, Angelos / Altsitsiadis, Efthymios / Dewitte, Siegfried | 2019
The mediating roles of guilt- and shame-proneness in predicting self-forgiveness
Carpenter, Thomas P. / Isenberg, Naomi / McDonald, Jaime | 2019
How is the Big Five related to moral and political convictions: The moderating role of the WEIRDness of the culture
Alper, Sinan / Yilmaz, Onurcan | 2019
The moderating effects of mate-value on the relationship between perceived sex ratio and mating strategies
Millar, Murray G. / Westfall, R. Shane / Walsh, Mandy | 2019
Does impulsivity converge distinctively with inhibitory control? Disentangling the cold and hot aspects of inhibitory control
Leshem, Rotem / Yefet, Matan | 2019
Psychopathic traits, pubertal timing, & mental health functioning in justice-involved adolescents
Sadeh, Naomi / Bounoua, Nadia / Javdani, Shabnam | 2019
Negative urgency and generalized anxiety disorder symptom severity: The role of self-reported cognitive processes
Malivoire, Bailee L. / Stewart, Kathleen E. / Tallon, Kathleen / Ovanessian, Melina M. / Pawluk, Elizabeth J. / Koerner, Naomi | 2019
Towards an integrated understanding of aggression in the general population: Findings from an epidemiological catchment area study
Leclair, Marichelle C. / Reyes, Andrea / Roy, Laurence / Caron, Jean / Crocker, Anne G. | 2019
The indirect effect of positive affect in the relationship between trait mindfulness and emotion dysregulation
McLaughlin, Laura E. / Luberto, Christina M. / O'Bryan, Emily M. / Kraemer, Kristen M. / McLeish, Alison C. | 2019
Differentiating the contributions of emotional intelligence and resilience on adolescent male scholastic performance
Droppert, Kat / Downey, Luke / Lomas, Justine / Bunnett, Emily R. / Simmons, Nathan / Wheaton, Andrew / Nield, Chris / Stough, Con | 2019
The relationship between personality and job satisfaction across occupations
Törnroos, Maria / Jokela, Markus / Hakulinen, Christian | 2019
Sexual disgust sensitivity mediates the sex difference in support of censoring hate speech
Zhang, Jinguang | 2019
Illuminating the 'dark core': Mapping global versus specific sources of variance across multiple measures of the dark triad
Volmer, Judith / Koch, Iris K. / Wolff, Christian | 2019
Not clearly defined, not reliably measured, and not replicable: Revisiting the definition and measurement of human mate poaching
Davies, Alastair P.C. / Tratner, Adam E. / Shackelford, Todd K. | 2019
Deconstructing perfectionism in college students: Patterns of behavior, emotion, and cognition
Newman, Brittany N. / Strickler, Jesse G. / O'Brien, Caroline / Lui, Tiffany / Lynch, Michael | 2019
An interactive model of narcissism, self-esteem, and provocation extent on aggression
Hart, William / Richardson, Kyle / Breeden, Christopher J. | 2019
Love is not exactly blind, at least for some people: Analytic cognitive style predicts romantic beliefs
Trémolière, Bastien / Djeriouat, Hakim | 2019
An exploratory study of the relationship between neuroticism and problematic drinking in emerging adulthood, and the moderating effect of social anxiety
Pocuca, Nina / Hides, Leanne / Quinn, Catherine A. / White, Melanie J. / Mewton, Louise / Loxton, Natalie J. | 2019
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