Voters rating politicians' personality: Evaluative biases and assumed similarity on honesty-humility and openness to experience (Englisch)

In: Personality and individual differences   ;  144 ;  100-104  ;  2019
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Perspectives Questionnaire: Measuring propensities to take viewpoints of agent or recipient
Baryla, Wieslaw / Bialobrzeska, Olga / Bocian, Konrad / Parzuchowski, Michal / Szymkow, Aleksandra / Wojciszke, Bogdan | 2019
A dynamic systems approach to personality: The Personality Dynamics (PersDyn) model
Sosnowska, Joanna / Kuppens, Peter / De Fruyt, Filip / Hofmans, Joeri | 2019
Why are empathic children more liked by peers? The mediating roles of prosocial and aggressive behaviors
Wang, Mingzhong / Wang, Jing / Deng, Xueli / Chen, Wu | 2019
Trait anger and the reward positivity
Tsypes, Aliona / Angus, Douglas Jozef / Martin, Stephanie / Kemkes, Kevin / Harmon-Jones, Eddie | 2019
Behavioral inhibition/approach systems constitute risk/protective pathways from ADHD symptoms to depression and anxiety in undergraduate students
Oguchi, Mana / Takahashi, Fumito | 2019
Left-right differences in perspective-taking across US states
Hodson, Gordon / MacInnis, Cara C. / Choma, Becky L. | 2019
A systematic literature review of the relationship between dark personality traits and antisocial online behaviours
Moor, Lily / Anderson, Joel R. | 2019
Stress and delay discounting: The mediating role of difficulties in emotion regulation
Malesza, Marta | 2019
On defining irritability and its relationship to affective traits and social interpretations
Deveney, Christen M. / Stoddard, Joel / Evans, Robert L. / Chavez, Goretty / Harney, Margaret / Wulff, Rachel A. | 2019
Psychophysiological indices of cognitive style: A triangulated study incorporating neuroimaging, eye-tracking, psychometric and behavioral measures
Bendall, Robert C.A. / Lambert, Sarah / Galpin, Adam / Marrow, Lynne P. / Cassidy, Simon | 2019
Antecedents of statistics anxiety: An integrated account
Cui, Shuang / Zhang, Jiajia / Guan, Dongxiao / Zhao, Xiaomeng / Si, Jiwei | 2019
Development and validation of the responses to sexual rejection scale
Kim, James J. / Horne, Rebecca M. / Muise, Amy / Impett, Emily A. | 2019
Exploring the interplay of attachment style and attachment-related mood on short-term change in mentalization: A pilot study
Fuchs, Nikolas Fabian / Taubner, Svenja | 2019
Voters rating politicians' personality: Evaluative biases and assumed similarity on honesty-humility and openness to experience
de Vries, Reinout E. / van Prooijen, Jan-Willem | 2019
The change and stability of NEO scores over six-years: A British study and a short review
Furnham, Adrian / Cheng, Helen | 2019
Various forms of existential distress are associated with aggressive tendencies
van Tilburg, Wijnand A.P. / Igou, Eric R. / Maher, Paul J. / Lennon, Joseph | 2019
Stability of psychological resilience of police officers: A three-wave latent class analysis
van der Meulen, Erik / van Veldhoven, Marc J.P.M. / van der Velden, Peter G. | 2019
Rape myth acceptance, male gender role norms, attitudes towards women, and psychopathic traits in a military sample
DeLisle, Alexa / Walsh, Hannah C. / Holtz, Pamela M. / Callahan, Jennifer / Neumann, Craig S. | 2019
Is all fit that glitters gold? Comparisons of two, three and bi-factor models for Watson, Clark & Tellegen's 20-item state and trait PANAS
Heubeck, Bernd Gert / Wilkinson, Ross | 2019
Do individual differences in state and trait anxiety predict sleep difficulties in healthy older adults?
Weeks, Philip / Hayley, Amie / Stough, Con | 2019
The interplay of intelligence and need for cognition in predicting school grades: A retrospective study
Strobel, Anja / Behnke, Alexander / Gärtner, Anne / Strobel, Alexander | 2019
Contextualization as a means to improve the predictive validity of personality models
Swift, Victor / Peterson, Jordan B. | 2019
Not much H in the Big Five Aspect Scales: Relations between BFAS and HEXACO-PI-R scales
Lee, Kibeom / Ashton, Michael C. | 2019
The relationship between income, religiosity and health: Their effects on life satisfaction
Bomhoff, Eduard J. / Siah, Audrey Kim Lan | 2019
| 2019
An editorial note to the Personality and Individual Differences research community
Saklofske, Don | 2019
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| 2019