Boredom proneness as a predictor of depression, anxiety and stress: The moderating effects of dispositional mindfulness (Englisch)

In: Personality and individual differences   ;  146 ;  68-75  ;  2019
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Personality correlates and utilitarian judgments in the everyday context: Psychopathic traits and differential effects of empathy, social dominance orientation, and dehumanization beliefs
Takamatsu, Reina | 2019
An evolutionary perspective on winning, losing, and acceptance: The Development of the Defeat, Victory, and Acceptance Scale (DVAS)
Sturman, Edward D. | 2019
The immediate and delayed suggestibility examined by the online version of the Gudjonsson Suggestibility Scale 2
Wachi, Taeko / Watanabe, Kazumi / Yokota, Kaeko / Otsuka, Yusuke / Hirama, Kazuki | 2019
Development and validation of the General Procrastination Scale (GPS-9): A short and reliable measure of trait procrastination
Sirois, Fuschia M. / Yang, Sisi / van Eerde, Wendelien | 2019
The reasons that prevent people from cheating on their partners: An evolutionary account of the propensity not to cheat
Apostolou, Menelaos / Panayiotou, Rafaella | 2019
The network structure of psychopathic personality traits in a non-institutionalized sample
Bronchain, Jonathan / Raynal, Patrick / Chabrol, Henri | 2019
The psychological impact of social problem solving under stress in adults: Debased life satisfaction, heightened depressed mood, or both?
de la Fuente, Amaia / Chang, Edward C. / Cardeñoso, Olga / Chang, Olivia D. | 2019
Adverse childhood experiences and multidimensional perfectionism in young adults
Chen, Chang / Hewitt, Paul L. / Flett, Gordon L. | 2019
Relationships between disgust sensitivity and trait preferences in gay men in China
Zheng, Lijun | 2019
The impact of perfectionism, performance feedback, and stress on affect and depressive symptoms
Cooks, Jennifer A. / Ciesla, Jeffrey A. | 2019
Boredom proneness as a predictor of depression, anxiety and stress: The moderating effects of dispositional mindfulness
Lee, Felicia K.S. / Zelman, Diane C. | 2019
The interacting roles of abortion stigma and gender on attitudes toward abortion legality
Patev, Alison J. / Hood, Kristina B. / Hall, Calvin J. | 2019
Materialism: Temporal balance, mindfulness and savoring
Watson, David C. | 2019
Who makes a good citizen? The role of personality
Pruysers, Scott / Blais, Julie / Chen, Phillip G. | 2019
Sexy deeds done dark? Examining the relationship between dark personality traits and sexual motivation
Smith, C. Veronica / Øverup, Camilla S. / Webster, Gregory D. | 2019
Prejudiced and unaware of it: Evidence for the Dunning-Kruger model in the domains of racism and sexism
West, Keon / Eaton, Asia A. | 2019
The effect of task demands on gender-specificity of visual attention biases in androphilic women and gynephilic men
Dawson, Samantha J. / Chivers, Meredith L. | 2019
A study of the relationship between narcissism, extraversion, body-esteem, social comparison orientation and selfie-editing behavior on social networking sites
Wang, Di | 2019
Boredom susceptibility as predictor of smoking cessation outcomes: Sex differences
Martínez-Vispo, Carmela / Senra, Carmen / López-Durán, Ana / Fernández del Río, Elena / Becoña, Elisardo | 2019
Envy and problematic smartphone use: The mediating role of FOMO and the moderating role of student-student relationship
Wang, Pengcheng / Wang, Xingchao / Nie, Jia / Zeng, Pan / Liu, Ke / Wang, Jiayi / Guo, Jinjin / Lei, Li | 2019
Multidimensional perfectionism and borderline personality organization in emerging adults: A two-wave longitudinal study
Chen, Chang / Hewitt, Paul L. / Flett, Gordon L. / Roxborough, Heather M. | 2019
A multi-level super meta-theory of personality meta-theories: Why behavior is not always associated with reproductive success
Jackson, Chris J. / Minbashian, Amirali / Criado-Perez, Christian | 2019
Encouraging erotic variety: Identifying correlates of, and strategies for promoting, sexual novelty in romantic relationships
Rosa, Marissa N. / Matthews, Sarah A. / Giuliano, Traci A. / Thomas, Kayleigh H. / Swift, Brooke A. / Mills, Mattie M. | 2019
Book review
Schermer, Julie Aitken | 2019
Knowing when to fold 'em: Problem attributes and strategy differences in the Paper Folding test
Burte, Heather / Gardony, Aaron L. / Hutton, Allyson / Taylor, Holly A. | 2019
Dimensions of decision-making: An evidence-based classification of heuristics and biases
Ceschi, Andrea / Costantini, Arianna / Sartori, Riccardo / Weller, Joshua / Di Fabio, Annamaria | 2019
Emerging adult psychological problems and parenting style: Moderation by parent-child relationship quality
Steele, Ellen H. / McKinney, Cliff | 2019
Subjective well-being among the oldest old: The role of personality traits
Etxeberria, Igone / Etxebarria, Itziar / Urdaneta, Elena | 2019
What are the most powerful predictors of charitable giving to victims of typhoon Haiyan: Prosocial traits, socio-demographic variables, or eye cues?
Manesi, Zoi / Van Lange, Paul A.M. / Van Doesum, Niels J. / Pollet, Thomas V. | 2019
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