8th International ITG Conference on Source and Channel Coding (SCC'10) : dedicated to the memory of Ralf Kötter, January, 18 - 21, 2010 in Siegen, Germany (Englisch)


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Space-Time Bit Trellis Codes
Kienle, Frank / Gimmler, Christina | 2010
On the Capacity of Constrained Systems
Bächerer, G. / Mathar, R. / Rocha, V. C. da jun. / Pimentel, C. | 2010
An interleaving scheme for efficient binary LDPC coded higher-order modulation
Nowak, Stefan / Kays, Rüdiger | 2010
Secrecy capacity of single- and multi-antenna channels with simple helpers
Jorswieck, Eduard A. | 2010
Mutual Information Based Resource Allocation in Relay Networks
Khan, Aimal / Kühn, Volker | 2010
Selected Mapping with Implicit Transmission of Side Information using Discrete Phase Rotations
Siegl, Christian / Fischer, Robert F. H. | 2010
Capacity-achieving Coding for Cellular Downlink with Bidirectional Communication
Oechtering, Tobias J. / Do, Hieu T. / Skoglund, Mikael | 2010
Improved Iterative Decoding of LDPC Codes from the IEEE WiMAX Standard
Hehn, Thorsten / Huber, Johannes B. / Laendner, Stefan | 2010
Iterative Source-Channel Decoding with Cross-Layer Support for Wireless VoIP
Breddermann, Tobias / Lüders, Helge / Vary, Peter / Aktas, Ismet / Schmidt, Florian | 2010
The FlexCode Source-Channel Coding Approach for Audio and Speech Transmission
Schmalen, Laurent / Schlien, Thomas / Vary, Peter | 2010
A Cooperative Scheme for Shaping Degree Distribution of LT-Coded Symbols in Network Coding Multicast
Limmanee, Apirath / Henkel, Werner | 2010
High Performance Fixed Effort MIMO Detector
Chouayakh, Mohamed / Knopp, Andreas / Lankl, Berthold | 2010
Error Resilient Turbo Compression of Source Codec Parameters Using Inner Irregular Codes
Schmalen, Laurent / Vary, Peter | 2010
On the Throughput/Bit-Cost Tradeoff in CSMA Based Cooperative Networks
Bächerer, Georg / Mathar, Rudolf | 2010
Correcting generalized matrix erasures with applications to random network coding
Gabidulin, Ernst M. / Bossert, Martin / Pilipchuk, Nina I. | 2010
Image Retrieval using Compression-based Techniques
Cerra, Daniele / Datcu, Mihai | 2010
A Multiport Theory of Communications
Ivrla?, Michel T. / Nossek, Josef A. | 2010
Fast BER Estimation of LDPC Codes
Sakai, Takakazu / Shibata, Koji | 2010
A Slotted ALOHA Scheme Based on Bipartite Graph Optimization
Liva, Gianluigi | 2010
A Method for Soft-Decision Decoding of Reed-Solomon Codes Based on the Extended Euclidean Algorithm
Kampf, Sabine / Wachter, Antonia / Bossert, Martin | 2010
Superposition Mapping with Application in Bit-Interleaved Coded Modulation
Wo, Tianbin / Hoeher, Peter Adam | 2010
Dual-Hop UWB Transmissions Using a Multiple-Antenna Relay with Antenna Selection versus Single-Antenna Relay Selection
Maichalernnukul, Kiattisak / Zheng, Feng / Kaiser, Thomas | 2010
On a Property of the Soft Bit Density associated with Log- Likelihood Ratios of a Binary AWGN Channel
Rave, Wolfgang | 2010
Relation between Global and Local EXIT Charts in Hybrid Turbo Codes
Neto, Humberto V. Beltrao / Henkel, Werner | 2010
On the Equivalence of Sudan-Decoding and Decoding via Virtual Extension to an Interleaved Reed-Solomon Code
Zeh, Alexander / Kampf, Sabine / Bossert, Martin | 2010
Performance Study of Non-Binary Belief Propagation for Decoding Reed-Solomon codes
Bimberg, Marcel / Lentmaier, Michael / Fettweis, Gerhard P. | 2010
On random Boolean threshold networks
Heckel, Reinhard / Schober, Steffen / Bossert, Martin | 2010
Semi-Analytical Solution for Rate Distortion Function and OPTA for Sources with Arbitrary Distributions
Rungeler, M. / Schotsch, B. / Vary, P. / Informationstechnische Gesellschaft im VDE | 2010
A Stopping Radius for the Sphere Decoder: Complexity Reduction in Multiple-Symbol Differential Detection
Schenk, Andreas / Fischer, Robert F. H. | 2010
Adaptive HARQ for Imperfect Channel Knowledge
Pfletschinger, Stephan / Navarro, Monica | 2010
Synthesizing All Linearized Shift-Registers of the Minimal or Required Length
Sidorenko, Vladimir R. / Bossert, Martin | 2010
On the Impact of Thresholding and Quantization on the Behavior of Bandlimited Systems and Signals
Boche, Holger / Mänich, Ullrich J. | 2010
Reconstruction of Boolean Genetic Regulatory Networks Consisting of Canalyzing or Low Sensitivity Functions
Schober, Steffen / Mir, Katharina / Bossert, Martin | 2010
Binary Codes for Packet Error and Packet Loss Correction in Store and Forward
Gadouleau, Maximilien / Goupil, Alban | 2010
On the transmit strategy for the interfernce MIMO relay channel in the low power regime
Chaaban, A. / Sezgin, A. / Informationstechnische Gesellschaft im VDE | 2010
Density Evolution Analysis of Protograph-Based Braided Block Codes on the Erasure Channel
Lentmaier, Michael / Näthen, Benedikt / Fettweis, Gerhard P. | 2010
Asymptotic Performance Limit of Optimal Linear Coding
Kafedziski, Venceslav | 2010
Ergodic Capacity of Frequency Selective Block Fading MIMO Channels
Kafedziski, Venceslav | 2010
Evaluation of Encoded MU-MISO-OFDM Systems in TDD Mode with Non-ideal Channel Reciprocity
Petermann, Mark / Wübben, Dirk / Kammeyer, Karl-Dirk | 2010
Capacity of Clipped 4-QAM-OFDM
Fischer, Robert F. H. | 2010
On the transmit strategy for the interference MIMO relay channel in the low power regime
Chaaban, Anas / Sezgin, Aydin | 2010
Semi-Analytical Solution for Rate Distortion Function and OPTAfor Sources with Arbitrary Distribution
Rüngeler, Matthias / Schotsch, Birgit / Vary, Peter | 2010