Photochemistry : volume 42 (Englisch)


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Reviewing photo-induced processes that have relevance to a wide-ranging number of academic and commercial disciplines and interests covering chemistry, physics, biology and technology, this series is essential reading for anyone wishing to keep abreast of the current literature. Now in its 42nd volume, and with contributions from across the globe, this series continues to present an accessible digest of current opinion and research in all aspects of photochemistry.Topics covered in this volume include the state of the art in computational photochemistry, advances in dye sensitized photopolymerization processes, photoclick chemistry, and continuous flow photochemical reactions.This Specialist Periodical Report presents critical and comprehensive reviews of the last 12 months of the primary literature (drawing on 100's of citations) and is an essential resource for anyone working at the cutting edge of photochemistry and a gateway to newcomers in the field