Quantum dots : optics, electron transport, and future applications (Englisch)


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A comprehensive review of cutting-edge solid state research, focusing on its prominent example - quantum dot nanostructures - this book features a broad range of techniques for fabrication of these nano-structured semiconductors and control of their quantum properties. Written by leading researchers, the book considers advanced III-V and II-VI semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) realized by self-assembly, lithography and chemical synthesis; novel QD structures in nanowires and graphene; and transport and optical methods for control of single QDs. Significant attention is given to manipulation of single spins and control of their magnetic environment, and generation of quantum light emitted by single dots in dielectric cavities and coupled to plasmons in metallic structures. It is a valuable resource for graduate students and researchers new to this field

I. Nanostructure design and structural properties of epitaxially grown quantum dots and nanowires. 1. Growth of III-V semiconductor quantum dots / C. Schneider, S. Höfling and A. Forchel -- 2. Single semiconductor quantum dots in nanowires: growth, optics, and devices / M.E. Reimer [and others] -- 3. Atomic-scale analysis of self-assembled quantum dots by cross-sectional scanning, tunneling microscopy, and atom probe tomography / J.G. Keizer and P.M. Koenraad -- II. Manipulation of individual quantum states in quantum dots using optical techniques -- 4. Studies of the hole spin in self-assembled quantum dots using optical techniques / B.D. Gerardot and R.J. Warburton -- 5. Resonance fluorescence from a single quantum dot / A.N. Vamivakas [and others] -- 6. Coherent control of quantum dot excitons using ultra-fast optical techniques: the role of acoustic phonons / A.J. Ramsay and A.M. Fox -- 7. Holes in quantum dot molecules: structure, symmetry, and spin / M.F. Doty and J.I. Climente -- III. Optical properties of quantum dots in photonic cavities and plasmon-coupled dots. 8. Deterministic light-matter coupling with single quantum dots / P. Senellart -- 9. Quantum dots in photonic crystal cavities / A. Faraon [and others] -- 10. Photon statistics in quantum dot micropillar emission / M. Assmann and M. Bayer -- 11. Nanoplasmonics with colloidal quantum dots / V.V. Temnov and U. Woggon

IV. Quantum dot nano-laboratory: magnetic ions and nuclear spins in a dot. 12. Dynamics and optical control of an individual Mn spin in a quantum dot / L. Besombes [and others] -- 13. Optical spectroscopy of InAs/GaAs quantum dots doped with a single Mn atom / O. Krebs and A. Lemaître -- 14. Nuclear spin effects in quantum dot optics / B. Urbaszek [and others] -- V. Electron transport in quantum dots fabricated by lithographic techniques from III-V semiconductors and graphene. 15. Electrically controlling single spin coherence in semiconductor nanostructures / Y. Dovzhenko [and others] -- 16. Theory of electron and nuclear spins in III-V semiconductor and carbon-based dots / H. Ribeiro and G. Burkard -- 17. Graphene quantum dots: transport experiments and local imaging / S. Schnez [and others] -- VI. Single dots for future telecommunications applications. 18. Electrically operated entangled light sources based on quantum dots / R.M. Stevenson, A.J. Bennett and A.J. Shields -- 19. Deterministic single quantum dot cavities at telecommunication wavelengths / D. Dalacu [and others]