Density Functional Computations and Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the Triethylammonium Triflate Protic Ionic Liquid (Englisch)

in The Journal of Physical Chemistry B ; 121 , 50 ; 11410-11423
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B
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Inhaltsverzeichnis – Band 121, Ausgabe 50

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Solvation of the Guanidinium Ion in Pure Aqueous Environments: A Theoretical Study from an “Ab Initio”-Based Polarizable Force Field
Houriez, Céline / Meot-Ner (Mautner), Michael / Masella, Michel | 2017
Homology Modeling and Molecular Dynamics Simulation Combined with X-ray Solution Scattering Defining Protein Structures of Thromboxane and Prostacyclin Synthases
Yang, Hsiao-Ching / Yang, Cheng-Han / Huang, Ming-Yi / Lu, Jyh-Feng / Wang, Jinn-Shyan / Yeh, Yi-Qi / Jeng, U-Ser | 2017
Understanding the Inhibiting Effect of Small-Molecule Hydrogen Bond Donors on the Solubility of Cellulose in Tetrabutylammonium Acetate/DMSO
Bengtsson, Jenny / Olsson, Carina / Hedlund, Artur / Köhnke, Tobias / Bialik, Erik | 2017
Structural and Dynamical Impact of a Universal Fluorescent Nucleoside Analogue Inserted Into a DNA Duplex
Zargarian, Loussiné / Ben Imeddourene, Akli / Gavvala, Krishna / Barthes, Nicolas P. F. / Michel, Benoit Y. / Kenfack, Cyril A. / Morellet, Nelly / René, Brigitte / Fossé, Philippe / Burger, Alain et al. | 2017
Determination of Equilibrium Constant and Relative Brightness in FRET-FCS by Including the Third-Order Correlations
Meng, Lingyi / He, Shanshan / Zhao, Xin Sheng | 2017
Comparison between Experimental and Broken Symmetry Density Functional Theory (BS-DFT) Calculated Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) Parameters of the S2 State of the Oxygen-Evolving Complex of Photosystem II in Its Native (Calcium) and Strontium-Substituted Form
Beal, Nathan J. / Corry, Thomas A. / O’Malley, Patrick J. | 2017
Validating a Coarse-Grained Voltage Activation Model by Comparing Its Performance to the Results of Monte Carlo Simulations
Lee, Myungjin / Kolev, Vesselin / Warshel, Arieh | 2017
Computation of Hemagglutinin Free Energy Difference by the Confinement Method
Boonstra, Sander / Onck, Patrick R. / van der Giessen, Erik | 2017
Copper(I) Chelators for Alzheimer’s Disease
Opare, Stanley K. A. / Rauk, Arvi | 2017
Membrane Permeability of Fatty Acyl Compounds Studied via Molecular Simulation
Vermaas, Josh V. / Beckham, Gregg T. / Crowley, Michael F. | 2017
Characterization of the Distribution of Pyrene Molecules in Confined Geometries with the Model Free Analysis
Cao, Xinzhi / Casier, Remi / Little, Hunter / Duhamel, Jean | 2017
Spectroscopic Study of the Interaction of Carboxyl-Modified Gold Nanoparticles with Liposomes of Different Chain Lengths and Controlled Drug Release by Layer-by-Layer Technology
Kanwa, Nishu / De, Soumya Kanti / Adhikari, Chandan / Chakraborty, Anjan | 2017
Understanding Translational–Rotational Coupling in Liquid Water through Changes in Mass Distribution
Manogaran, Dhivya / Subramanian, Yashonath | 2017
Temperature-Dependent Empirical Parameters for Polarity in Choline Chloride Based Deep Eutectic Solvents
Valvi, Arun / Dutta, Jyoti / Tiwari, Shraeddha | 2017
Introducing the Bipolar Solvent Media Using the Aqueous Mixtures of Amino Acid Anion-Based Ionic Liquids
Beniwal, Vijay / Kumar, Anil | 2017
Empirical Analysis of Optical Kerr Effect Spectra: A Case for Constraint
Bender, John S. / Fourkas, John T. / Coasne, Benoit | 2017
Cation Hydration in Supercritical NaOH and HCl Aqueous Solutions
Sahle, Christoph J. / Niskanen, Johannes / Schmidt, Christian / Stefanski, Johannes / Gilmore, Keith / Forov, Yury / Jahn, Sandro / Wilke, Max / Sternemann, Christian | 2017
Comparison of Complexation-Induced pKa Shifts in the Ground and Excited States of Dyes as Well as Different Macrocyclic Hosts and Their Manifestation in Host-Retarded Excited-Dye Deprotonation
Lazar, Alexandra I. / Rohacova, Jana / Nau, Werner M. | 2017
Small-Angle X-ray Crystallography on Single-Crystal Regions of Inverse Bicontinuous Cubic Phases: Lipid Bilayer Structures and Gaussian Curvature-Dependent Fluctuations
Oka, Toshihiko | 2017
Density Functional Computations and Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the Triethylammonium Triflate Protic Ionic Liquid
Mora Cardozo, Juan F. / Burankova, T. / Embs, J. P. / Benedetto, A. / Ballone, P. | 2017
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| 2017
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| 2017

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