Rural development studies under Unnath Bharath Abhiyan a case study of Chikkapalnahalli and Tannenahalli village

Rural development is conceived as strategy aimed at finding ways to improve the rural lives with participation of the rural people themselves so as to meet the required need of the rural area. Rural development is perceived as a process of not only increasing the level of per capita income in the rural areas but also the standard of living of the rural population measured by food and nutrition level, health, education and housing. The relationship between rurality and poverty, and the role the agricultural sector can play in rural development, poverty reduction, and overall development. In this paper, based on the conditions of rural economy, an attempt has been made to comprehensively understand the development efforts to rebuild the rural life and livelihood, particularly by providing good quality of drinking water and determining the nutrients level of soil to grow required crops for them. The least-developed countries rural space, agriculture is still necessarily the starting point for rural development.

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