Neutrinos under Strong Magnetic Fields (Englisch)

In: AIP Conference Proceedings   ;  689 ,  1  ;  63-73  ;  2003

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In this talk we review the results on neutrino propagation under external magnetic fields. We concentrate on the effects of strong magnetic fields M W 2  ≫ B ≫ m e 2 in neutral media. It is shown that the neutrino energy density get a magnetic contribution in the strong‐field, one‐loop approximation, which is linear in the Fermi coupling constant as in the charged medium. It is analyzed how this correction produces a significant oscillation resonance between electron‐neutrinos and the other two active flavors, as well as with sterile neutrinos. The found resonant level‐crossing condition is highly anisotropic. Possible cosmological applications are discussed. Effects due to primordial hypermagnetic fields on neutrinos propagating in the symmetric phase of the electroweak model are also presented. At sufficiently strong hypermagnetic fields, B ⩾ T2, the neutrino energy is found to be similar to that of a massless charged particle with one‐degree of freedom.

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