A Refraction Seismic Transect from Greenland to Ellesmere Island, Canada: The Crustal Structure in Southern Nares Strait (Englisch)

In: Polarforschung   ;  74 ,  1-3  ;  97-112  ;  2006
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The Nares 2001 Geoscience Project: An Introduction
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Volcanogenic Sandstones as Areomagnetic Markers on Judge Daly Promontory and in Robeson Channel, Northern Nares Strait
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Seismic Reflection Profiles from Kane to Hall Basin, Nares Strait: Evidence for Faulting
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A Refraction Seismic Image of the Sediments in Kennedy Channel, Northern Nares Strait
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Continuity of Basement Structures and Dyke Swarms in the Kane Basin Region of Central Nares Strait Constrained by Areomagnetic Data
Oakey, G. N. / Damaske, D. | 2006
A Paleomagnetic, Geochemical and U-Pb Geochronological Comparison of the Thule (Greenland) and Devon Island (Canada) Dyke Swarms and Its Relevance to the Nares Strait Problem
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New Multi-Channel Seismic Reflection Data from Northwater Bay, Nares Strait: Indications for Pull-Apart Tectonics
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A Refraction Seismic Transect from Greenland to Ellesmere Island, Canada: The Crustal Structure in Southern Nares Strait
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Preliminary Apatite Fission Track Thermal History Modelling of the Nares Region of Eastern Ellesmere Island and Northwestern Greenland
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In Search of the Wegener Fault: Re-Evaluation of Strike-Slip Displacements Along and Bordering Nares Strait
Harrison, C. | 2006
Geodetic GPS-Based Evaluation of Present-Day Geodynamical Movements and Geoid in the Nares Strait Region
Weber, M. / Jensen, A. B. O. / Forsberg, R. / Madsen, F. B. | 2006
Late Pleistocene-Holocene Marine Geology of Nares Strait Region: Palaeoceanography from Foraminifera and Dinoflagellate Cysts, Sedimentology and Stable Isotopes
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The Tectonic Evolution of Nares Strait: Implications of New Data
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