Western Indian Ocean Climate and Sedimentation - Cruise No. M75 - December 29, 2007 - April 08, 2008 - Port Louis (Mauritius) - Cape Town (South Africa) (Englisch)

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R/V METEOR cruise M75 comprised four legs to the western tropical Indian Ocean focusing on the modern oceanography and paleoclimatic changes in this region as well as on the sedimentation processes occurring along the La Reunion volcano slopes and the continental margins and shelves of Tanzania, Mozambique, South Africa and Madagascar in the vicinity of large river mouths. The first leg with 40 days of shiptime was separated into a French part carried out within the European ships barter. It comprised hydro-acoustic surveys of the La Reunion volcanic structure including dredging and piston coring ((M75/1a: ERODER). The second Dutch part mainly focused on the servicing of a multi-year hydrographic mooring array at the northern entrance of the Mozambique Channel including water column sampling and the recovery of surface sediments with multicores (M75/1b: LOCO). Leg 1 was followed by 2 German legs, M75/2 (PaläoIndik) and M75/3 (Sambezi II), which lasted 65 days in total. Legs M75-2 and M75-3 were focused on the study of paleoceanographic changes, continental climate reconstructions and sedimentation pattern in the western Indian Ocean including seismic surveys of the continental margin regions of Tanzania, Mozambique, South Africa and Madagascar.