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This report provides an architectural view of all the data management components (“data theme”) set up in the ESiWACE2 project. It provides insights into the design of the ESDM interface for supporting data-intensive post-processing, analytics and visualization (PAV) and case studies from the weather and climate change domain. The document addresses the milestone MS5.1 of the ESiWACE2 project. More in detail, starting from background work and the description of the main use cases targeted by the ESDM, a set of technical requirements for the ESDM unified API has been identified, with a strong focus on the new PAV layer for in-flight analytics and visualization. The general ESDM architecture is introduced, highlighting the main components for I/O and processing. The proposed architecture tries to address the identified requirements and provides the guidelines to steer the development stage through the definition of the main architectural components, the relationship among these and some preliminary technical details.