Explorative study about the analysis of storing, purchasing and wasting food by using household diaries (Englisch)

Resources, Conservation and Recycling
; 2017
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The issue of food waste is especially in light of ethical and environmental considerations of high interest with the endeavour to minimise food waste. The purpose of this study is first to test the diary method for gathering data about food waste in households and second to investigate the storage, purchase and food waste behaviour and show if there is a correlation between storing, purchasing and wasting food. The study was carried out by 25 test households in Germany, who kept a diary for seven days by using different questionnaires to document their food storage, purchase and waste each day. The results show that the diary method is suitable to get detailed data about daily behaviour in handling with food and food waste. Further the study showed that food storage, purchase and waste are correlated and should be seen together for example in awareness campaigns with the aim of reducing food waste.


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