Impact of sparse benthic life on seafloor roughness and high-frequency acoustic scatter, supplement to: Schönke, Mischa; Wiesenberg, Lars; Schulze, Inken; Wilken, Dennis; Darr, Alexander; Papenmeier, Svenja; Feldens, Peter (2019): Impact of Sparse Benthic Life on Seafloor Roughness and High-Frequency Acoustic Scatter. Geoscience, 9(10), 454 (Englisch)

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- recoded 200kHz backscatter multibeam data (HSX-file format) by a NORBIT iWBMSe multibeam echo sounder system (17 GB, 13 files)

- recoded single beam acoustic data (SEGY) by the lander system (BENTHOWAVE INSTRUMENT INC) (50 MB, 17 files)

- recoded point cloud optic data (.xyz-ASCII file) by the lander ULS 200 laser system (Robotics Inc.) (1 GB, 170 files)

- Matlab script to preprocess optic data (.xyz-ASCII file) (10MB, 9 files)

- Matlab script to preprocess acoustic data (SEGY) (11MB, 11 files)