Alpha decay of neutron-deficient francium isotopes (Englisch)

in Journal of Inorganic and Nuclear Chemistry ; 29 , 10 ; 2503-2514
Journal of Inorganic and Nuclear Chemistry
; 1967
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Abstract Isotopes of francium lighter than mass 214 were studied at the Heavy Ion Linear Accelerator by bombardment of 197Au with 16O and of 205Tl with 12C. Si(Au) surface-barrier detectors were used in on-line measurements to determine α-decay energies and half-lives. Mass number assignments of francium-213-203 were based on excitation functions and on genetic relationship with emanation and astatine isotopes. Isomerism was detected in 204Fr. Results are compared with previous work by Griffioen et al.

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Inhaltsverzeichnis – Band 29, Ausgabe 10

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