2D mapping of LA-ICPMS trace element distributions using R (Englisch)

in Computers and Geosciences ; 42 ; 152-161
Computers and Geosciences
Elsevier Ltd ; 2011

Abstract A new add-on package (LAICPMS) for the R language for statistical computing is presented, which greatly facilitates data reduction and visualisation (single tracks and 2D element maps) of laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (LA-ICPMS) data. The package determines many input parameters automatically and is easy to use. We present major and trace element distribution maps of natural calcite samples, processed using LAICPMS. Data processing from raw data to presented graphics takes only a few minutes. The empirical cumulative density function (ECDF) is used for optimised colour coding of the maps rather than linear or logarithmic scale, making a maximum of element-specific detail visible. For preprocessing, several different smoothing algorithms were evaluated and can be chosen by the user; for the presented data, a simple running median/running average was chosen. Typical data analysis is performed via short, easy-to-understand script files, and results can be used for further analyses within R. Owing to other R add-on packages utilised, the results can be output either numerically or as high-quality graphics in a wide range of file formats. Inheriting from its host environment R, the package is open-source software and freely available for all major computer platforms.

Highlights ► Trace and major element maps of geological samples are produced from LAICPMS data. ► A custom colouring algorithm provides the maximum visual details. ► High-resolution element mapping is useful for many applications. ► Data processing functionality is presented as a new add-on package for R. ► The package is free open-source software, available for all major operating systems.

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