A young root-specific gene (ArMY2) from horseradish encoding a MYR II myrosinase with kinetic preference for the root-specific glucosinolate gluconasturtiin (Englisch)

In: Phytochemistry   ;  99 ;  26-35  ;  2013
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Graphical abstract A full-length cDNA (ArMY2) encoding an active myrosinase termed ArMy2 was isolated from Armoracia rusticana and heterologously expressed in Pichia pastoris. ArMY2 was specifically expressed in young roots. Display Omitted

Highlights ArMY2 is the first MYR II myrosinase gene described in Armoracia rusticana. ArMY2 encodes a myrosinase and is selectively expressed in young horseradish roots. Gluconasturtiin is the dominant glucosinolate in young horseradish roots. Recombinant ArMy2 produced in Pichia pastoris prefers gluconasturtiin as substrate. A specialized glucosinolate-myrosinase defense system may be active in young roots.

Abstract The pungent taste of horseradish is caused by isothiocyanates which are released from glucosinolates by myrosinases. These enzymes are encoded by genes belonging to one of two subfamilies, termed MYR I and MYR II, respectively. A MYR II-type myrosinase gene was identified for the first time in horseradish. The gene termed ArMY2 was only expressed in young roots. A full-length cDNA encoding a myrosinase termed ArMy2 was isolated and heterologously expressed in Pichia pastoris. The recombinant His-tagged enzyme was characterized biochemically. Substrate affinity was 5 times higher towards gluconasturtiin than towards sinigrin. Gluconasturtiin was found to be the most abundant glucosinolate in young horseradish roots while sinigrin dominated in storage roots and leaves. This indicates that a specialized glucosinolate–myrosinase defense system might be active in young roots.

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A young root-specific gene (ArMY2) from horseradish encoding a MYR II myrosinase with kinetic preference for the root-specific glucosinolate gluconasturtiin
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