The changing energy market in FR Germany, 1973 to 1985 (Englisch)

In: Energy Policy   ;  14 ,  1  ;  81-85  ;  1986
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Abstract The author outlines the main changes between 1973 and 1985 in the structure of energy supply and demand in FR Germany. A reduction in oil's share was compensated by increases in natural gas and nuclear energy, while coal's contribution remained the same. These changes are explained by the two oil price shocks and by government measures intended to conserve energy and substitute for oil. The most recent demand forecasts produced for the government by Prognos are discussed. In their reference case, assuming 2.5% per annum growth in real GDP, no increase in energy demand is expected up to 2000. In the alternative case, where Prognos assume for 2000 a real oil price 40% lower than in the reference case, energy demand is only 8% higher. Finally, the federal government's energy policy goals are summarized. The government is seen to have confirmed its reliance primarily on market forces to achieve further structural adjustments in energy supply and demand.

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