Google Drive: Forensic analysis of data remnants (Englisch)

In: Journal of Network and Computer Applications   ;  40 ;  179-193  ;  2013
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Abstract Cloud storage is an emerging challenge to digital forensic examiners. The services are increasingly used by consumers, business, and government, and can potentially store large amounts of data. The retrieval of digital evidence from cloud storage services (particularly from offshore providers) can be a challenge in a digital forensic investigation, due to virtualisation, lack of knowledge on location of digital evidence, privacy issues, and legal or jurisdictional boundaries. Google Drive is a popular service, providing users a cost-effective, and in some cases free, ability to access, store, collaborate, and disseminate data. Using Google Drive as a case study, artefacts were identified that are likely to remain after the use of cloud storage, in the context of the experiments, on a computer hard drive and Apple iPhone3G, and the potential access point(s) for digital forensics examiners to secure evidence.

Highlights Digital evidence can be stored in cloud storage services, such as Google Drive. Identification of potential data storage is a challenge to forensic examiners. Google Drive was examined in relation to data remnants on a PC and an iPhone. Investigation points include directory listings, prefetch, link and registry files.

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