West Germany and New Technology (Englisch)

In: Industrial Management & Data Systems   ;  86 ,  11/12  ;  16-20  ;  1986
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Within Western Europe West Germany is invariably cited as the technological, engineering-led society that has become the pace-setter of Europe. However the Germans themselves see themselves as “laggards” and have been concerned for some time over their approach to technological innovation and entrepreneurship. New technology is a more contentious issue than in Britain, with conservation-type issues being more important than in the rest of Europe. The Green Party believes that new technology should be used to remove alienating work and provide for a richer, fuller life. The three other main political parties express fewer misgivings over new technology and all advocate its development, although with different provisos. In many respects the picture that emerges is similar to Britain. However there are indications that Germany could experience a more difficult transition to a “high-tech” society than Britain. German society seems to be attempting to solve its new problems through the improvement of old techniques.

Inhaltsverzeichnis – Band 86, Ausgabe 11/12

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