Bis-biguanide, preparation method thereof and application of bis-biguanide (Englisch)

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The invention relates to bis-biguanide, a preparation method thereof and an application of the bis-biguanide. The bis-biguanide has the advantages that a novel anti-irradiated injury series compound is designed and synthesized, the novel compound which is high-efficiency and low-toxicity is found out and can be used for anti-irradiated injury in the field of civil use and military, by the novel compound, hematopoietic function injury caused by radiation or chemotherapy drugs is reduced, and blood cellular level is increased, or tumor auxiliary treatment is implemented; and a molecular level and animal pharmacological activity test is performed by the compound, and a result shows that the bis-biguanide has high in-vitro activity and high animal treatment effect generally.

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    Bis-biguanide, preparation method thereof and application of bis-biguanide
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    IPC:    C07C Acyclische oder carbocyclische Verbindungen, ACYCLIC OR CARBOCYCLIC COMPOUNDS / A61K Zubereitungen für medizinische, zahnärztliche oder kosmetische Zwecke, PREPARATIONS FOR MEDICAL, DENTAL, OR TOILET PURPOSES / A61P Spezifische therapeutische Aktivität von chemischen Verbindungen oder medizinischen Zubereitungen, SPECIFIC THERAPEUTIC ACTIVITY OF CHEMICAL COMPOUNDS OR MEDICINAL PREPARATIONS

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