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The invention discloses sucralose. The sucralose is prepared from, by weight, 50-75 parts of saccharose, 15-18 parts of cyclohexane, 3-5 parts of dibutyltin oxide, 8-17 parts of acetic anhydride, 20-38 parts of ethyl acetate, 23-28 parts of methyl alcohol, 2-9 parts of thionyl chloride, 8-10 parts of ethanediol and 6-12 parts of sodium hydroxide. Accordingly, the produced sucralose has no harm to a human body, in the era of pursuing green food, the green sweetening agent is used in several hundred kinds of food and is undoubtedly likely to be popular with mass consumer groups, and the healthy sucralose can take the place of an original controversial sweetening agent market in the market.

本发明公开了一种蔗糖素,其中,该蔗糖素由以下重量份的原料组成:蔗糖 50?75份;环己烷 15?18份;二丁基氧化锡 3?5份;醋酸酐 8?17份;乙酸乙酯 20?38份;甲醇 23?28份;氯化亚砜 2?9份;乙二醇 8?10份;以及氢氧化钠 6?12份。本发明提供了一种蔗糖素,其生产的蔗糖素对人体无害,在这个追求绿色食品的时代,数百种食品使用这种“绿色”的甜味剂,无疑将会受到广大消费群体的欢迎,健康的蔗糖素将会代替原有的富有争议的甜味剂市场。

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