Novel paddy field tractor (Chinesisch)

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The invention belongs to the technical field of tractors and provides a novel paddy field tractor. The novel paddy field tractor comprises an engine and a transmission system which are connected through bolts. The engine and the transmission system are matched to form an assembly base body of the novel paddy field wheeled tractor. The novel paddy field tractor has the beneficial effects that firstly, through improvement on materials and optimization of the structure, a tractor body of the whole tractor is small in weight, cost is reduced, meanwhile, paddy field tires are arranged for operation, and the possibility that the tires sink into mud is reduced; secondly, a good waterproof mud-resisting effect on key components such as a drive train and electric appliance components is achieved, and the tractor is suitable for paddy field operation; thirdly, by the adoption of the structure that the installation centers of hubs of a front drive axle are lower than the center of the front driveaxle, the ground clearance is increased, and universality of paddy field operation is improved; fourthly, by the adoption of a compact engine structure, the length of the engine is reduced, and the axle base is effectively shortened; and meanwhile, the height of a hood is increased, and the sufficient steering angle of the front drive axle is guaranteed. The turning radius is reduced as small aspossible through the short axle base and the large steering angle, and the tractor can conveniently make a turn on the edge of a paddy field.


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