Arrangement of a vehicle assembly member (Englisch)

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An arrangement for an assembly member of a vehicle includes a power unit for generating a driving force; a pair of left and right driving wheels; a propeller shaft extending in the forward and backward direction of the vehicle; a differential for transmitting the driving force to the pair of left and right driving wheels via a pair of left and right drive shafts; a switch for switching the diff-lock of the differential on and off; an exhaust pipe disposed on one side in the vehicle width direction with respect to the propeller shaft; and an assembly member for operating the switch via each of a plurality of operation side transmission members and a device side transmission member using an operating force applied to each of a plurality of operating elements; wherein the assembly member is disposed on the opposite side of the propeller shaft as the exhaust pipe.

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    Arrangement of a vehicle assembly member
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    IPC:    B60K Anordnung oder Einbau von Antriebseinheiten oder von Kraft- bzw. Drehmomentübertragungen in Fahrzeugen, ARRANGEMENT OR MOUNTING OF PROPULSION UNITS OR OF TRANSMISSIONS IN VEHICLES
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