Method and apparatus for wireless communication (Englisch)

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Teachings herein improve the choice of carrier placement in a wireless communication network by de-coupling the carrier raster from the subcarrier grid. Recognizing that the placement of a carrier by its center frequency is an artificial construct, it is re-defined and the carrier placement is instead defined by the carrier position, which is on a carrier raster (e.g., 100 kHz), but in general does not have to be the center of the carrier. Second, a subcarrier grid is defined that is common for all RF carriers and spanning a range of frequencies, at least within an operating band, and provides orthogonality for subcarriers within all RF carriers regardless of carrier position. Third, a unique mapping from the carrier position on the RF carrier raster to a subcarrier reference position, e.g., the DC subcarrier, is defined, which in turn identifies the exact position of the RF carrier on the subcarrier grid.

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    Method and apparatus for wireless communication
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