Consistent Shape Matching via Coupled Optimization (Ohne Sprachangabe)

In: Computer Graphics Forum   ;  38 ,  5  ;  13-25  ;  2019
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We propose a new method for computing accurate point-to-point mappings between a pair of triangle meshes given imperfect initial correspondences. Unlike the majority of existing techniques, we optimize for a map while leveraging information from the inverse map, yielding results which are highly consistent with respect to composition of mappings. Remarkably, our method considers only a linear number of candidate points on the target shape, allowing us to work directly with high resolution meshes, and to avoid a delicate and possibly error-prone up-sampling procedure. Key to this dimensionality reduction is a novel candidate selection process, where the mapped points drift over the target shape, finalizing their location based on intrinsic distortion measures. Overall, we arrive at an iterative scheme where at each step we optimize for the map and its inverse by solving two relaxed Quadratic Assignment Problems using off-the-shelf optimization tools. We provide quantitative and qualitative comparison of our method with several existing techniques, and show that it provides a powerful matching tool when accurate and consistent correspondences are required.