Transhuman Expression - Human-Machine Interaction as a Neutral Base for a New Artistic and Creative Practice (Ohne Sprachangabe)

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Transhuman Expression is an interactive room installation created by Liat Grayver in collaboration with the EU-H2020-ICT project weDRAW in the context of a Vertigo STARTS residency at the Casa Paganini - InfoMus reseach center of DIBRIS - University of Genova, Italy. Data captured via motion detection of visitors is analyzed, processed, and projected on large screens positioned in the exhibition area. The collaboration benefited, was built on, and furthered experiences that both the artist and the research team have had in ongoing work exploring convergence of artistic and scientific practices. Grayver's work in robotics-assisted painting gained new tools that can be integrated into the system she works with at the University of Konstanz, whilst Casa Paganini - InfoMus has acquired new perspectives on the range, scope, and scale of real-time, automated movement analysis. This paper reports about goals, methodology, and results of such a joint multidisciplinary activity.

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