Real-time Rendering of Heterogeneous Translucent Objects using Voxel Number Map (Ohne Sprachangabe)

In: EG 2016 - Posters   ;  1-2  ;  2016
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  • Aufsatz (Konferenz)  /  Elektronische Ressource

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Rendering of tranlucent objects enhances the reality of computer graphics, however, it is still computationally expensive. In this paper, we introduce a real-time rendering technique for heterogeneous translucent objects that contain complex structure inside. First, for the precomputation, we convert mesh models into voxels and generate Look-Up-Table in which the optical thickness between two surface voxels is stored. Second, we compute radiance in real-time using the precomputed optical thickness. At this time, we generate Voxel-Number-Map to fetch the texel value of the Look-Up-Table in GPU. Using Look-Up-Table and Voxel-Number-Map, our method can render translucent objects with cavities and different media inside in real-time.