Corotated SPH for Deformable Solids (Englisch)

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Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) is a powerful technique for the animation of natural phenomena. While early SPH approaches in Computer Graphics have mainly been concerned with liquids or gases, recent research also focuses on the dynamics of deformable solids using SPH. In this paper, we present a novel corotational SPH formulation for deformable solids. The rigid body modes are extracted from the deformation field which allows to use a linear strain tensor. In contrast to previous rotationally invariant meshless approaches, we show examples using coplanar and collinear particle data sets. The presented approach further allows for a unified meshfree representation of deformable solids and fluids. This enables the animation of sophisticated phenomena, such as phase transitions. The versatility and the efficiency of the presented SPH scheme for deformable solids is illustrated in various experiments.

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