Benefit of Using Multiple Baselines and Multiple Aspects for SAR Interferometry of Urban Areas (Englisch)

IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing
IEEE ; 2014
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In this paper, extensive real-data experiments for the investigation of the benefit of exploiting multiple aspects and multiple baselines for the reconstruction of urban surface models by synthetic aperture radar interferometry are documented. These experiments are carried out within a recently proposed reconstruction framework that allows the fusion of almost arbitrary configurations of multi-aspect multi-baseline InSAR data. The results based on airborne decimeter-resolution millimeterwave imagery prove and quantify that multiple baselines help to solve the phase ambiguity problem, while multiple aspects reduce the parts of the scene affected by radar shadowing. In addition, the inherent redundancy provides a significant improvement in the achievable reconstruction accuracy, which is evaluated relative to the reconstruction error common for conventional single-aspect single-baseline SAR interferometry.

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Table of Contents
| 2014
Foreword to the Special Issue on Human Settlement Observation and Monitoring from Space
Almeida, Claudia / Gamba, Paolo / Juergens, Carsten / Maktav, Derya / Salmon, Brian | 2014
Urban Land Cover Classification With Airborne Hyperspectral Data: What Features to Use?
Tong, Xiaohua / Xie, Huan / Weng, Qihao | 2014
Monitoring the Relationship Between the Land Surface Temperature Change and Urban Growth in Beijing, China
Feng, Huihui / Liu, Huiping / Wu, Lichun | 2014
Automatic Detection of Elevation Changes by Differential DSM Analysis: Application to Urban Areas
Guerin, Cyrielle / Binet, Renaud / Pierrot-Deseilligny, Marc | 2014
Calculation of Enclosure Index for Assessing Urban Landscapes Using Digital Surface Models
Susaki, Junichi / Komiya, Yuto / Takahashi, Kenryo | 2014
Assessing Intra-Urban Surface Energy Fluxes Using Remotely Sensed ASTER Imagery and Routine Meteorological Data: A Case Study in Indianapolis, U.S.A.
Weng, Qihao / Hu, Xuefei / Quattrochi, Dale A. / Liu, Hua | 2014
Improved Building Extraction With Integrated Decomposition of Time-Frequency and Entropy-Alpha Using Polarimetrie SAR Data
Deng, L. / Wang, C. | 2014
Improved Building Extraction With Integrated Decomposition of Time-Frequency and Entropy-Alpha Using Polarimetric SAR Data
Deng, Lei / Wang, Cuizhen | 2014
Detection of Buildings in Multispectral Very High Spatial Resolution Images Using the Percentage Occupancy Hit-or-Miss Transform
Stankov, Katia / He, Dong-Chen | 2014
Multiscale Grid Method for Detection and Reconstruction of Building Roofs from Airborne LiDAR Data
Chen, Yanming / Cheng, Liang / Li, Manchun / Wang, Jiechen / Tong, Lihua / Yang, Kang | 2014
Detecting China’s Urban Expansion Over the Past Three Decades Using Nighttime Light Data
Xiao, Pengfeng / Wang, Xiaohui / Feng, Xuezhi / Zhang, Xueliang / Yang, Yongke | 2014
Benefit of Using Multiple Baselines and Multiple Aspects for SAR Interferometry of Urban Areas
Schmitt, Michael / Schonberger, Johannes L. / Stilla, Uwe | 2014
Carbon Stocks in Peri-Urban Areas: A Case Study of Remote Sensing Capabilities
Villa, Paolo / Malucelli, Francesco / Scalenghe, Riccardo | 2014
Estimation of Dense Time Series of Urban Air Temperatures from Multitemporal Geostationary Satellite Data
Bechtel, Benjamin / Wiesner, Sarah / Zaksek, Klemen | 2014
Investigating the Applicability of Cartosat-1 DEMs and Topographic Maps to Localize Large-Area Urban Mass Concentrations
Wurm, Michael / dAngelo, Pablo / Reinartz, Peter / Taubenbock, Hannes | 2014
A Two-Phase Classification of Urban Vegetation Using Airborne LiDAR Data and Aerial Photography
Tong, Xiaohua / Li, Xiaoichun / Xu, Xiong / Xie, Huan / Feng, Tiantian / Sun, Tong / Jin, Yanmin / Liu, Xiangfeng | 2014
Fast and Efficient Evaluation of Building Damage From Very High Resolution Optical Satellite Images
Dubois, David / Lepage, Richard | 2014
Exploiting Regular Patterns to Group Persistent Scatterers in Urban Areas
Schack, Lukas / Soergel, Uwe | 2014
An Automatic and Threshold-Free Performance Evaluation System for Building Extraction Techniques From Airborne LIDAR Data
Awrangjeb, Mohammad / Fraser, Clive S. | 2014
A Methodology for Automated Segmentation and Reconstruction of Urban 3-D Buildings from ALS Point Clouds
Chen, Dong / Zhang, Liqiang / Mathiopoulos, P. Takis / Huang, Xianfeng | 2014
Three-Dimensional Structural Parameter Inversion of Buildings by Distributed Compressive Sensing-Based Polarimetric SAR Tomography Using a Small Number of Baselines
Liang, Lei / Guo, Huadong / Li, Xinwu | 2014
Sensitivity Analysis for L-Band Polarimetric Descriptors and Fusion for Urban Land Cover Change Detection
Mishra, Bhogendra / Susaki, Junichi | 2014
An Object-Based Method for Urban Land Cover Classification Using Airborne Lidar Data
Chen, Ziyue / Gao, Bingbo | 2014
A Texture Measure Defined Over Intuitionistic Fuzzy Set Theory for the Detection of Built-Up Areas in High-Resolution SAR Images
Li, Na / Liu, Fang / Chen, Zengping | 2014
Dynamics of Urban Density in China: Estimations Based on DMSP/OLS Nighttime Light Data
Wu, Jiansheng / Ma, Lin / Li, Weifeng / Peng, Jian / Liu, Hao | 2014
A Novel Semi-Supervised Method for Obtaining Finer Resolution Urban Extents Exploiting Coarser Resolution Maps
Li, Jun / Gamba, Paolo / Plaza, Antonio | 2014
Improving SAR-Based Urban Change Detection by Combining MAP-MRF Classifier and Nonlocal Means Similarity Weights
Yousif, Osama / Ban, Yifang | 2014
Multiscale Water Body Extraction in Urban Environments From Satellite Images
Zhou, Ya'nan / Luo, Jiancheng / Shen, Zhanfeng / Hu, Xiaodong / Yang, Haiping | 2014
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