The Role of Galectin-3 as a Marker of Cancer and Inflammation in a Stage IV Ovarian Cancer Patient with Underlying Pro-Inflammatory Comorbidities (Englisch)

In: Case Reports in Oncology   ;  6 ,  2  ;  343-349  ;  2013
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In this case study, I report on a patient with stage IV ovarian cancer and underlying pro-inflammatory comorbidities. Initially, the patient's inflammatory condition was treated with an intensive integrative anti-inflammatory protocol using a combination of oral and intravenous nutrients and botanicals along with pharmaceutical intervention. This was followed by a standard course of chemotherapy supported by an individualized integrative protocol - with excellent response. Galectin-3 levels as well as other inflammatory and tumor markers were monitored throughout the course of treatment. Correlation with other markers, the clinical course of the disease, and symptomatology are presented. Galectin-3, a novel marker with potential clinical importance in cancer progression as well as inflammation and fibrosis, has been extensively researched in multiple in vitro, in vivo, and epidemiological studies. In this paper, a case in which galectin-3 has been used to assess and monitor patient progress is presented for the first time. This case is of further interest because of its complexity, with the coexistence of acute inflammatory conditions combined with progressing metastatic cancer. Galectin-3 monitoring reflected this complexity; nevertheless, it provided useful information and correlation with other inflammatory markers. The results suggest that monitoring serum galectin-3 as a marker for both inflammatory processes and cancer progression to a higher probability of metastasis may have clinical relevance. Additional clinical research is warranted.

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    The Role of Galectin-3 as a Marker of Cancer and Inflammation in a Stage IV Ovarian Cancer Patient with Underlying Pro-Inflammatory Comorbidities
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    Case Reports in Oncology ; 6 ; 2 ; 343-349
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    S. Karger AG
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