Quality Predictors of Abdominal Fetal Electrocardiography Recording in Antenatal Ambulatory and Bedside Settings (Englisch)

in Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy ; 41 , 4 ; 283-292
Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy
S. Karger AG , Basel, Switzerland; 2017

Background: Fetal electrocardiography using an abdominal monitor (Monica AN24™) could increase the diagnostic use of fetal heart rate (fHR) variability measurements. However, signal quality may depend on factors such as maternal physical activity, posture, and bedside versus ambulatory setting. Methods: Sixty-three healthy women wore the monitor at home and 42 women during a hospital stay. All women underwent a posture experiment, and all home and 13 hospital participants wore the monitor during daytime and nighttime. The success rate (SR) of fHR detection was analyzed in relation to maternal physical activity, posture, daytime versus nighttime, and other maternal and fetal predictors. Results: Ambulatorily, the SR was 86.8% for nighttime and 40.2% for daytime. The low daytime SR was largely due to effects of maternal physical activity and posture. The in-hospital SR was lower during nighttime (71.1%) and similar during daytime (43.3%). SR was related to gestational age, but not affected by pre-pregnancy and current body mass index or fetal growth restriction. Conclusions: The success of beat-to-beat fHR detection strongly depends on the home/hospital setting and predictors such as time of recording, activity levels, and maternal posture. Its clinical utility may be limited in periods of unsupervised recording with physical activity or posture shifts.

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