User-assisted intrinsic images (Englisch)

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For many computational photography applications, the lighting and materials in the scene are critical pieces of information. We seek to obtain intrinsic images, which decompose a photo into the product of an illumination component that represents lighting effects and a reflectance component that is the color of the observed material. This is an under-constrained problem and automatic methods are challenged by complex natural images. We describe a new approach that enables users to guide an optimization with simple indications such as regions of constant reflectance or illumination. Based on a simple assumption on local reflectance distributions, we derive a new propagation energy that enables a closed form solution using linear least-squares. We achieve fast performance by introducing a novel downsampling that preserves local color distributions. We demonstrate intrinsic image decomposition on a variety of images and show applications.

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    User-assisted intrinsic images
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    Association for Computing Machinery
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    Bousseau, Adrien, Sylvain Paris, and Frédo Durand. “User-assisted Intrinsic Images.” ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG), ACM Press, Volume 28 Issue 5, December 2009. Web.
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