Automated Track Video Inspection Pilot Project (Englisch)

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This project had two main objectives. The first was to improve the safety of transit workers, specifically right-of-way safety for rail transit workers through demonstration of advanced track inspection techniques that limit the inspectors exposure to rail right-of-way by visually inspecting the condition of the tracks from a safe location. The second objective was to enhance the quality of inspection by the use of objective, high-quality video systems capable of recording detailed images of the track and its main components at train speeds, coupled and synchronized with the use of multiple measuring systems installed onboard a Track Inspection Car. This report describes the use of those systems under a Pilot Project performed by MTA-NYCT using its TGC4 car on a segment of the Flushing Line (7 Train) in New York City and includes a discussion of the results and benefits found by the use of the video and measuring systems together.