Batse Triggered Observations of Galactic Superluminal Sources GROJ1655-40 (Englisch)

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We have analyzed multiwavelength data of galactic superluminal sources including GROJ1655-40. Currently there are thirteen X-ray binaries, in which the masses of the invisible and compact objects have been determined to be much higher than three solar masses, the well-known upper limit to the mass of a neutron star. Because no stable and compact objects are believed to exist above this limit, these compact objects are consequently considered as stellar mass black holes, though clean evidence of strong gravity effects around the assumed black holes is very rare. From optical and radio observations, their system inclination angles have been determined to range between 25 degrees and 80 degrees, but peaked between 60-70 degrees. This peak is not explained in the frame work of Newtonian gravity in these systems. However, this peak is reproduced naturally if we model the observed X-ray radiation as being produced in the accretion disks very close to the black hole horizons, where the extremely strong general and special relativistic effects, caused by the extremely strong gravity near the black hole horizons, modify the local radiation significantly as the X-rays propagate to the remote observer.

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    Batse Triggered Observations of Galactic Superluminal Sources GROJ1655-40
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    NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
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