Evidence for Doppler-Shifted Iron Emission Lines in Black Hole Candidate 4U 1630-47 (Englisch)

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We report the first detection of a pair of correlated the X-ray spectrum of black hole candidate 4U 1630-47 outburst, based on Rossi X-Ray Timing Explorer (RXTE) emission lines in during its 1996 observations of the source. At the peak plateau of the outburst, the emission lines are detected, centered mostly at approx. 5.7 and approx. 7.7 keV, respectively, while the line energies exhibit random variability approx. 5%. Interestingly, the lines move in a concerted manner to keep their separation roughly constant. The lines also vary greatly in strength, but with the lower energy line always much stronger than the higher energy one. The measured equivalent width ranges from approx. 50 to approx. 270 eV for the former, and from insignificant detection to approx. 140 eV for the latter; the two are reasonably correlated. The correlation between the lines implies a causal connection; perhaps they share a common origin. Both lines may arise from a single K & alpha; line of highly ionized iron that is Doppler shifted either in a Keplerian accretion disk or in a bipolar outflow or even both. In both scenarios, a change in the line energy might simply reflect a change in the ionization state of line-emitting matter. We discuss the implication of the results and also raise some questions about such interpretations.

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    Evidence for Doppler-Shifted Iron Emission Lines in Black Hole Candidate 4U 1630-47
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    NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
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    Astrophysical Journal; 529; 2; 952-960
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