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, Rolling Meadows, Ill.; 1999
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Issues & Comments
Cangemi, Michael P. | 1995
Issues & Comments - The Journal's Editor-in-Chiefm, Micheal P. Cangemi, decries the seemingly mandatory purchase of new, but not necessarily improved, software. Are still functional products forced into obsolescence?
Cangemi, michael P. | 1998
Reflecting on the international conference and finding time to catch up on business reading
Cangemi, Michael P. | 1997
Editorial - Issues & comments - Editor-in-Chief Michael P Cangemi, CISA, CPA, recaps the first Journal-sponsored forum on IT governance
Cangemi, Michael P. | 1999
Information Protection and Security: A Perspective
Klosky, J.Michael / Gallegos, Frederick / Klosky, Verna | 1995
Flashback -- 25 Years of Journal History
| 1997
Windows NT(R) Server 4 Security Handbook - The authors of Windows NT Server 4 Security Handbook have provided a document so valuable that the reviewer states it should be in every business reference library. Even though the book was written for the NT systems administrator, those with solid backgrounds in IS audit will find the book helpful.
Hadfield, Lee / Hatter, Dave / Bixler, Dave / Kazin, Joel S. | 1998
IS Security Matters - IS Security Matters - Addressing differing personalities when determining security needs is the focus of this lively column in this issue titled Childproofing the Technology
Ross, Steven J. / Datta, Arundhati | 1999
Data Mining: A General Auditor's Dream Realized?
| 1997
IT Project Review--A Strategy for Reducing Investment Risk - The author demonstrates through concrete examples how the IT Project Review can ensure efficiencies and reduce costs. This article explains that no longer can organizations rely on assumptions, but frequent, twoway communication has become essential. Staff development is also an imporant element.
Swansan, Dan M. | 1998
The Year 2000 and ACL as Electronic Toolkit
Millar, Peter | 1997
Accounting & Auditing in a New Environment
Schneider, Gary P. | 1995
Practical Pointers - e-Copyrights -- A Light Approach to a Serious Subject - The author adapts the presentation he gave at North America CACS 99 which discusses patents, copyrights, trade secrets -- Their differences and similarities
Redmon III, C.Gant | 1999
Groupware as a System Implementation Audit Tool: A Lotus Notes Experience
Filak, Alicia | 1997
HelpSource Q&A
Lilly, Fred | 1995
Co-sourcing: A Cooperative Solution to Outsourcing Related Risks - Co-sourcing pairs specialized technical professionals, many of whom are consultants, with traditional auditors who have in-depht knowledge of the company, its business, and its information technology controls. In this way, information is shared and ultimately, everyone becomes a partner. The author discusses how to know when a company is ready for co-sourcing and explains how to make it a productive experience.
Scrudata, Micheel J. | 1998
CISA Exam Mirrors Changes in Profession
Stachtchenko, Patrick | 1995
Features - Continuous Auditing and IT Developments - Networking, practically free computer cycles, cheap storage and the distribution of processing and communication capabilities across various devices are causing fundamental changes in the way business is conducted
Vasarhelyi, Miklos A. / Kogan, Alexander | 1999
The Audit of Anti-Virus Controls in a Netware Environment - There are defenses, even antidotes against viruses. Even though there are numerous routes for virus infection, there are bottlenecks in the process and where these occur, controls are most effective. The author presents many ways to stop a virus in its tracks.
Nelms, Chris | 1998
Overview of Computer Crime and Security
Marro, Paul E. | 1995
The reviewer describes Applied Cryptography as an unexpected, yet compelling read on how to keep keys in the right hands, yet keep the lock on computer crime
Haywood, Bill | 1997
Standards, Statements and Guidelines - Compliance to maintain ISACA member status and compliance for the CISA designation are outlined and the status of ISACA issuances is noted
| 1999
SQL Language for Accounting Auditors
Higgins, H.Ngo | 1997
Focus on 1999 - Millennium Watch, edited for the International Federation of Accountants by Past International President, Deepak Sarup, CISA, FCA, addresses the issue of public confidence before the rollover and steps to take after 1 January 2000
| 1999
Case Study - Automating Reviews in a Distributed Computing Environment - One cannot evaluate the operational adequacy of businesses without reviewing sensitive and mission-critical applications which support transaction processing, control, accounting, reporting and management of information
Agrawal, Prateek | 1999
Neural Networks for Security in Electronic Banking - In this article, it is shown how non-traditional modeling techniques, specifically neural networks, are used to detect fraud in credit cards. The author purses the topic and evaluates the possibility of applying this technology to develop fraud prevention-detection tools for Internet electronic banking.
Ageenko, Ilieva I. | 1998
Photographic and Computerized Image Reproduction
Boef, Anthonie den | 1997
PC Security Criteria A to Z: The Why and What of Providing PC Security
Clay, Bruce M. | 1995
Plus - Technical Q & A, Helpsource
Lilly, Fred L. | 1999
Electronic Document Management
Lucy, Richard F. | 1997
A Systematit Method for Anditing User Aeceptance Tcsh The authors delve into a "black box" emd hclp rcedcrs by introducing tast cascs for user acceptence tests derived from specificaeions that cmploy knowledge of program coding, i.c. classification trees.
Chen, Yueh / Poon, Pak Lok / Tang, Sau Fun | 1998
MVS Security Trends for the Auditor
Henderson, Stuart C. | 1995
Case Study - Continuous Auditing and Control Scripting at Banco Popolare de Brescia - Steps taken to become a leader in worldwide banking internal control system matters are illuminated as well as the process of integrating Accelerated SAP
Vasarhelyi, Miklos A. / Voarino, Paolo | 1999
Features - Online Monitoring of Software in LAN Environments - The unique concerns of auditors of online systems are discussed, specifically in relation to the impact on the integrity of these systems
Raval, Vasant / Kromberg, Norman | 1999
Control, Auditability and Recoverability of Optical Storage
Ristuccia, Henry J. / Saia, Charles A. | 1995
The Impact of Archiving and Imaging on the IS Auditor
Leclerc, Michel | 1997
Risk and Controls in an EDI Environment - EDI, which translates using an accepted standard, has changed the relationship among business. EDI enables a business processes of its trading partners. In this article, the author illuminates the risks and exposures to business incorporating EDI and examines controls to address these risks.
Mahta, Raju Navin | 1998
Using Data Mining Techniques in Auditing
Casarin, Paul | 1997
A Model for Disaster Recovery Planning
Yiu, Kenneth / Tsu, Y.Y. | 1995
Features - Qualitative Corporate Dashboards for Corporate Monitoring - This article advocates expanding the traditional financial audit framework by increasing the scope of evidence collection to cover online quantitative information, such as news about the organization
Jia, Peng / Vasarhelyi, Miklos A. | 1999
Auditors Add Value to the Business Continuity Program - This article had previously been printed in Contigency Planning & Management but is considered reinforcing about the not-always-recognized value of auditors in the BCP process. The authors recommend that this process be integrated since it embraces business, technology and operational issues.
| 1998
Plus - CPE Quiz #66
Oringel, Joey | 1999
Turning Data Mining into Action
Rosen, Cal | 1997
CPE Quiz #44
| 1995
CPE Quiz #56
| 1997
Plus: The CPE Quiz #61, which is based on the e-Commerce issue
| 1998
Bookstore Listing
| 1997
Career Opportunities
| 1997
Plus - ISACA Bookstore Offerings - Supplement
| 1999
Plus - ISACA Bookstore Price List - Supplement
| 1999

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