Reducing toughness of beef from Bos indicus draught steers by injection of calcium chloride: Effect of concentration and time postmortem (Ohne Sprachangabe)

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Irradiation effects on meat color - a review
Brewer, Susan | 2004
Effect of vitamin E, low dose irradiation, and display time on the quality of pork
Ohene-Adjei, S. / Bertol, T. / Hyun, Y. / Ellis, M. / Mckeith, F.K. / Brewer, M.S. | 2004
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A note on histamine levels in Turkish style fermented sausages
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Analytical limits of total and insoluble collagen content measurements and of type I and III collagen analysis by electrophoresis in bovine muscles
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A sensory map of the meat universe. Sensory profile of meat from 15 species
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Methods to increase tenderness of individual muscles from beef rounds when cooked with dry or moist heat
Kolle, B.K. / Mckenna, D.R. / Savell, J.W. | 2004
AMSA Mission; Membership Application
| 2004

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