Wound effects in the xylem of poplar: A UV microspectrophotometric study (Ohne Sprachangabe)

de Gruyter , Berlin; 2006


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Topochemical investigation on phenolic deposits in the vessels of afzelia (Afzelia spp.) and merbau (Intsia spp.) heartwood
Koch, Gerald / Richter, Hans-Georg / Schmitt, Uwe | 2006
Topochemical investigations of wood extractives and their influence on colour changes in American black cherry (Prunus serotina Borkh.)
Mayer, Ingo / Koch, Gerald / Puls, Jürgen | 2006
Wound effects in the xylem of poplar: A UV microspectrophotometric study
Frankenstein, Claus / Schmitt, Uwe | 2006
Application of scanning UV microspectrophotometry for the topochemical detection of lignin within individual cell walls of brown-rotted Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) sapwood
Irbe, Ilze / Noldt, Guna / Koch, Gerald / Andersone, Ingeborga / Andersons, Bruno | 2006
Influence of overexpression of a gibberellin 20-oxidase gene on the kinetics of xylem cell development in hybrid poplar (Populus tremula L. and P. tremuloides Michx.)
Dünisch, Oliver / Fladung, Matthias / Nakaba, Satoshi / Watanabe, Yoko / Funada, Ryo | 2006
Morphological and chemical characterisation of the G-layer in tension wood fibres of Populus tremula and Betula verrucosa: Labelling with cellulose-binding module CBM1HjCel7A and fluorescence and FE-SEM microscopy
Daniel, Geoffrey / Filonova, Lada / Kallas, Åsa M. / Teeri, Tuula T. | 2006
Decay resistance of anhydride-modified Corsican pine sapwood exposed to the brown rot fungus Coniophora puteana
Hill, Callum A.S. / Hale, Michael D. / Ormondroyd, Graham A. / Kwon, Jin H. / Forster, Simon C. | 2006
Iron-reducing capacity of low-molecular-weight compounds produced in wood by fungi
Goodell, Barry / Daniel, Geoffrey / Jellison, Jody / Qian, Yuhui | 2006
Analysis of the hyphal load during early stages of wood decay by basidiomycetes in the presence of the wood preservative fungicides CuSO4 and cyproconazole
Vesentini, Damiano / Dickinson, David J. / Murphy, Richard J. | 2006
Prediction of natural durability of commercial available European and Siberian larch by near-infrared spectroscopy
Sykacek, Eva / Gierlinger, Notburga / Wimmer, Rupert / Schwanninger, Manfred | 2006
Retention of Bacillus cereus and its toxin, cereulide, in cellulosic fibres
Hoornstra, Douwe / Dahlman, Olof / Jääskeläinen, Elina / Andersson, Maria A. / Weber, Assi / Aurela, Birgit / Lindell, Henry / Salkinoja-Salonen, Mirja S. | 2006
Chemical structure elucidation of total lignins in woods. Part II: Analysis of a fraction of residual wood left after MWL isolation and solubilized in lithium chloride/N,N-dimethylacetamide
Furuno, Hiroyuki / Takano, Toshiyuki / Hirosawa, Shuichi / Kamitakahara, Hiroshi / Nakatsubo, Fumiaki | 2006
Amphiphilicity of a lignin-carbohydrate complex
Uraki, Yasumitsu / Usukura, Yuriko / Kishimoto, Takao / Ubukata, Makoto | 2006
Spatial relationships between polymers in Sitka spruce: Proton spin-diffusion studies
Altaner, Clemens / Apperley, David C. / Jarvis, Michael C. | 2006
Phenolic compounds from bark of Suwon poplar (Populus alba L. and Populus glandulosa Uyeki)
Kim, Jin-Kyu / Ham, Yeon-Ho / Bae, Young-Soo | 2006
Extraction of iron compounds from wood from the Vasa
Almkvist, Gunnar / Persson, Ingmar | 2006
High-consistency ozonation of hardwood kraft pulp
Tran, Ai Van | 2006
Fibre surface and strength of a fibre network
Kontturi, Eero / Vuorinen, Tapani | 2006
A numerical study of the effects of stresses induced by moisture gradients in steel-timber dowel joints
Sjödin, Johan / Serrano, Erik | 2006
Pilot investigation of the mechanical properties of wood flooring paint films by in situ imaging nanoindentation
Jiang, Zehui / Yu, Yan / Qin, Daochun / Wang, Ge / Zhang, Bo / Fu, Yuejin | 2006
Obituary Walter G. Kauman (1923–2005)
Deglise, Prof. Dr. Xavier | 2006
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