Ethylene in Cherimoya Fruit (Annona cherimola Mill.) under Different Storage Conditions (Ohne Sprachangabe)

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Benzene production from decarboxylation of benzoic acid in the presence of ascorbic acid and a transition-metal catalyst
Gardner, Lalita K. / Lawrence, Glen D. | 1993
Positional specificity of ketodienes from linoleic acid aerobically formed by lipoxygenase isozymes from kidney bean and pea
Sanz, Luis C. / Perez, Ana G. / Rios, Jose J. / Olias, Jose M. | 1993
Purification and some properties of Phaseolus mungo lectin
Sharma, Sadhana. / Salahuddin, Ahmad. | 1993
Effects of acidic and alkaline treatments on tannic acid and its binding property to protein
Osawa, Ro. / Walsh, Terence P. | 1993
Products Formed by Peroxyl Radical Oxidation of �-Carotene
Yamauchi, R. / Miyake, N. / Inoue, H. / Kato, K. | 1993
Products formed by peroxyl radical oxidation of .beta.-carotene
Yamauchi, Ryo. / Miyake, Nobuyuki. / Inoue, Hirohito. / Kato, Koji. | 1993
Products Formed by Peroxyl Radical Oxidation of b-Carotene
Yamauchi, Ryo / Miyake, Nobuyuki / Inoue, Hirohito / Kato, Koji | 1993
Effect of dietary polysorbate 80 on the serum concentration of calcium and magnesium in the rat
Thoman, Charles J. / Vermeulen, Lori A. / Coffee, Adam M. / DeSanto, Ronald J. | 1993
Copigmentation of simple and acylated anthocyanins with colorless phenolic compounds
Davies, A. J. / Mazza, G. | 1993
Ethylene in cherimoya fruit (Annona cherimola Mill.) under different storage conditions
Lahoz, Jose M. / Gutierrez, Margarita. / Sola, Maria del Mar. / Salto, Rafael. / Pascual, Luis. / Martinez-Cayuela, Marina. / Vargas, Alberto M. | 1993
Isolation and partial characterization of a natural haze protective factor from wine
Waters, Elizabeth J. / Wallace, William. / Tate, Max E. / Williams, Patrick J. | 1993
Pesticide removal efficiencies of soybean oil refining processes
Miyahara, Makoto. / Saito, Yukio. | 1993
Extraction of phenol and its metabolites from aqueous solution
Jones, L. A. / Prabel, J. B. / Glennon, J. J. / Copeland, M. F. / Kavlock, R. J. | 1993
Use of capillary electrophoresis for detection of metsulfuron and chlorsulfuron in tap water
Dinelli, Giovanni. / Vicari, Alberto. / Catizone, Pietro. | 1993
Quantification of cyanazine in water and soil by a magnetic particle-based ELISA
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Binding of flavonoids by polyvinylpolypyrrolidone
Doner, Landis W. / Becard, Guillaume. / Irwin, Peter L. | 1993
Identification of meat treated with ionizing radiation by capillary gas chromatographic determination of radiolytically produced hydrocarbons
Morehouse, Kim M. / Kiesel, Marlene. / Ku, Yuoh. | 1993
Analysis of fumonisin B1 in rodent feed by gradient elution HPLC using precolumn derivatization with FMOC and fluorescence detection
Holcomb, Manuel. / Thompson, Harold C. / Hankins, Lacinda J. | 1993
Effect of barium selenate fertilizer on the concentration of barium in pasture and sheep tissues
Whelan, Brian R. | 1993
Isolation and characterization of the most antimutagenic Maillard reaction products derived from xylose and lysine
Yen, Gow Chin. / Chau, Chi Fai. / Lii, Jen Dan. | 1993
Evaluation of the representativeness of the odor of beer extracts prior to analysis by GC eluate sniffing
Abbott, Nerida. / Etievant, Patrick. / Langlois, Dominique. / Lesschaeve, Isabelle. / Issanchou, Sylvie. | 1993
Influence of the regio- and stereochemistry on the floral odor of THP and THF ethers
Anselmi, Cecilia. / Centini, Marisanna. / Mariani, Marco. / Sega, Alessandro. / Pelosi, Paolo. | 1993
Volatile compounds and odor characteristics of carbon dioxide extracts of coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.) fruits
Kerrola, Kaisli. / Kallio, Heikki. | 1993
Analysis of headspace volatiles and sensory characteristics of fresh corn tortillas made from fresh masa dough and spray-dried masa flour
Karahadian, Carol. / Johnson, Kimberly A. | 1993
Volatile compounds of deep-oil fried, microwave-heated and oven-baked garlic slices
Yu, Tung Hsi. / Wu, Chung May. / Ho, Chi Tang. | 1993
Application of regular solution theory in predicting equilibrium sorption of flavor compounds by packaging polymers
Paik, James S. / Tigani, Michael A. | 1993
Classification of commercial orange juice types by pattern recognition involving volatile constituents quantified by gas chromatography
Shaw, Philip E. / Buslig, Bela S. / Moshonas, Manuel G. | 1993
Cuticular lipids from wild and cultivated peanuts and the relative resistance of these peanut species to fall armyworm and thrips
Yang, Guang. / Espelie, Karl E. / Todd, James W. / Culbreath, Albert K. / Pittman, Roy N. / Demski, James W. | 1993
Linear furanocoumarins of three celery breeding lines: Implications for integrated pest management
Diawara, Moussa M. / Trumble, John T. / Quiros, Carlos F. | 1993
In vitro activity of some glucosinolates and their reaction products toward a population of the nematode Heterodera schachtii
Lazzeri, L. / Tacconi, R. / Palmieri, S. | 1993
Volatile pheromonal emissions from the male Mediterranean fruit fly: Effects of fly age and time of day
Flath, Robert A. / Jang, Eric B. / Light, Douglas M. / Mon, T. Richard. / Carvalho, Lori. / Binder, Ronald G. / John, Janie O. | 1993
Degradation of Glyphosate in the Aquatic Environment: An Enzymatic Kinetic Model That Takes into Account Microbial Degradation of both Free and Colloidal (or Sediment) Particle Adsorbed Glyphosate
Zaranyika, Mark F. / Nyandoro, Munyaradzi G. | 1993
Degradation of glyphosate in the aquatic environment: An enzymic kinetic model that takes into account microbial degradation of both free and colloidal (or sediment) particle adsorbed glyphosate
Zaranyika, Mark F. / Nyandoro, Munyaradzi G. | 1993
Reusable fiber optic immunosensor for rapid detection of imazethapyr herbicide
Anis, Nabil A. / Eldefrawi, Mohyee E. / Wong, Rosie B. | 1993
| 1993